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Afternoon Note

Making a Statement

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
4/15/2024 1:17 PM

The market made a statement at the open, but there are a few narratives going on at the same time.

The geopolitical stuff is spooky, but it feels orderly.  I suspect Israel will counterattack, as there is no way Iran should have the last word, so to speak.

It's unfortunate the administration continues to try and push Israel around during this period.

Higher Bond yields are the bigger threat to the stock market.

It is interesting that cyclical names are outperforming. We think these are the names to be in this summer; although, big swoons will spare few names.

It’s not time to panic.

Re: "It's unfortunate the administration continues to try and push Israel around during this period." - There is no doubt the recent Hamas attack killing of innocent people is unforgivable and should be punished. However, the destruction of the residential buildings in Gaza and the killing of innocent people (even though unintentional) makes it hard to defend Israel.

Let me admit the middle east problem is very complex and I'm by no means well-versed with it. My understanding is that the Jews are Muslims are both descendants of Abraham, so it is a tremendous tragedy that religious though they are, the do not practice the "love your neighbors" teaching and have been killing each other for centuries!

Steve on 4/15/2024 4:29:52 PM
Whether individually or by country, there are those that simply seek to survive and pursue happiness and prosperity, imposing only just principles on themselves that value life, humanity, and rational civilization, and striving when necessary to defend themselves and those just principles.

Then there are those that tyrannically, hatefully, ruthlessly and deceitfully seek power and dominance, promoting divisiveness and conflict, and evilly devaluing lives and rational civility, often taking advantage of those who physically and cognitively cannot or will not rise to protect themselves.

Which situation is best for humanity, not to mention for wealth creation and preservation?

Ronald J Lukas on 4/16/2024 10:54:34 AM

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