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Our Methodology


  1. The analysis of the principles of methods, rules, and postulates employed by a discipline.
  2. The development of methods, to be applied within a discipline.
  3. A particular procedure or set of procedures.

Methodology includes the following concepts as it relates to a particular discipline or field of inquiry:

  • a collection of theories, concepts or ideas
  • comparative study of different approaches
  • critique of the individual methods

Our methodology has been developed over 25 years and attempts to take into account all the forces that influence the share price of a particular stock as well as the entire equity market. From a minute to minute basis, emotions can have as great an influence on individual stocks and the market as technical and fundamental analysis.

Our methodology is primarily based on three components:

Behavioral influences impact stock price on a temporary basis usually from one day to several weeks.

Technical drivers and considerations influence stock price at various times including day to day depending on chart patterns. There are fundamental clues from reading charts, and this is why it is a part of our decision-making process.

Fundamental influences carry the greatest weighting in our decision-making process (except with our Swing Strategies service where the charts are more important).

Our methodology includes steadfast investment principles as well as contrarian assumptions that have served us well throughout the years. Our goal is to be ahead of the crowd, but confident in our reasoning, which is why we research and understand the health of a company, the ability of management to execute as well as the company's potential to decide if these factors are reflected in the current share price.

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