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Hotline from Charles Payne

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  • Goal: Long term appreciation
  • Holding Period: Three months to six months
  • Ideal Client: All investors should have long term holdings

The great stock market fortunes are made from investing in a balanced portfolio that gives investors exposure to under valued ideas before significant long-term moves have taken place. The ideas are derived through a combination of fundamental, technical, and behavioral analysis. The emphasis is on the fundamentals, however. One of our biggest goals is to help investors shed the trading mentality, a difficult task when everything that is beamed at them tells them to trade, to make fast money, and to be in the winners, which are defined by stocks that were up yesterday (and that presumes that those that were down yesterday are the losers).

There are numerous elements to our fundamental analysis that includes:

  • Revenue trends and nuances
  • Margin trends and nuances
  • Earnings trends and nuances
  • Working capital trends
  • Cash flow trends
  • The implication of debt
  • Historic valuations
  • Relative valuation
  • Market share trends
  • Product pipeline innovations and trends

Technically, we are looking for formations that look like safe entry points. There are several chart formations that we consider screaming buys and sells, and there are certain signals stocks give when they are on the cusp of a tradable move. Behaviorally, we try to go against the grain by being fractionally early or avoiding jumping off bridges with the crowds.

Typically, we are looking for two major moves with these ideas, the first takes the stock through several key resistance points, and the second comes later after the stock has been picked up by additional investors. Ideally, investors should be balanced based on industry groups and risk.

We do not employ stop losses on this service; although, we will sell out of a stock in the model portfolio when we feel the fundamental backdrop has been altered and/or risk has increased.  

We believe all investors should allocate at least 70% of their portfolio to long-term ideas.


There are options mentioned with this service as well. Options involve a higher degree of risk. Unlike stocks, they do not represent ownership, just the ability to buy or sell a stock or other underlying asset at a specific price within a specific time period.  

We do not encourage or discourage options trading, but want to stress that over time, we have seen people lose more than they gain, not unlike going to a casino. There are folks that win a lot as well, because they contain greed or mitigate losses. 

Our approach on the Hotline is conservative. For those that trade options, we normally believe investors should buy time, stay in the money, and look to exit sooner rather than later (after all options, unlike the underlying stock, have a shelf life and are extremely risky).

The Hotline is updated twice a day, before the open 9 (typically, we issue the morning report in two parts so we can analyze any economic data, news, and market reaction) and then again at approximately 1:00 PM. The report comes with commentary designed to demystify the news and developments of the moment. We use charts to illustrate economic trends and work to ensure our subscribers are building a balanced portfolio. Like with all of our services, subscribers are urged to call their representative or our research desk if they simply aren't sure or need further assistance.

Sample Reports- Click here to check out sample Hotline reports and the accompanying Trading Alerts.

Hotline Service Profile
Updates: Approximately 9am (typically, we issue the morning report in two part so we can analyze any economic data, news, and market reaction) & 1pm daily and a daily summary at 6pm.

Receive the Portfolio Approach. This is your guide to building a balanced portfolio utilizing the Hotline recommendations. This report is delivered weekly on Friday at approximately 6pm ET. In addition, daily you will receive the current buy recommendations.
Delivery Options: Website or email
Objective: Near-term growth and occasional short-term trading
Holding Period: Three months to six months

Subscription Pricing: Semi Annual $2,400; Annual $4,000


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