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Welcome to Wall Street Strategies. This is a quick overview of frequently asked questions and some tips on how our services work so that you can get off smoothly to a profitable start.

Getting your reports

Hotline reports come out twice a day at approximately 9:30 am and 1 pm. Typically, we issue the morning report in two parts so we can analyze any economic data, news, and market reaction.

There are two end of day updates for the Hotline that come out after the market closes. There is the Hotline Portfolio Approach, which is a sector analysis of the ideas and their weightings. The Portfolio Approach is designed to help you keep your portfolio balanced and diversified. The second end of day report is the Hotline Summary, which is a run down of all the actions taken on the service for the day. This includes trading alerts and new ideas for the day.

Swing Strategies reports come out four times a day at approximately 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm.

The Swing Strategies Summary is a run down of all the actions taken on the service for the day. This includes trading alerts, new ideas and any closed positions for the day.

Both summary reports come out around 6 pm EST.

Report delivery methods all services can be accessed through www.wstreet.com and via email. Email is not a guaranteed delivery mechanism. Even though email is by far the most efficient way to receive your reports, it does have its limitations. There are many hops in the route from our server to your Inbox and there is the potential for delay or failure. That said, we can help you with managing your email so that you get your reports without any difficulty. Please be sure and add us to your white list or trusted sites. The best kind of email account is one issued by your ISP that you access through a client like Outlook. Second choice is a web-based email like Goggle's Gmail. Many free email services have filters to keep junk mail out that need to be adjusted. We strongly discourage clients from using Hotmail, AOL, MSN, Yahoo or Sympatico to receive our service.

Trading the recommendations

How to trade the recommendations: Once you receive your report, please read it. Don't just rush to buy or sell the recommendation without understanding the basis for the trade and knowing how you will manage it.

Entering a position: Each report gives the current price of the stock or option. Options are a thinner market and may move substantially between editing and publishing the reports. We try to get the quote as close as possible, but in the past market makers have spiked stocks after our recommendations. Call your rep if the options recommendation has moved away from our price.

Once you purchase a stock, please enter it into the WSS Position Tracker. This tool is designed to help us monitor your positions and maximize your return.

Exiting a position: Please start off by reading the Exit Strategy. Trading alerts are sent out by email and posted to the website as a follow up to the recommendations published in the reports. Trading alerts are designed to help you manage a trade and your exit strategy.

When it is time to exit ideas from the Hotline, we issue an email alert and update our website. Note: most ideas we cover also include an underlying option that we believe will provide upside potential and some downside protection.  When we exit the underlying equity position, it is understood that the options should be sold as well.

If a stock on Swing Strategies hits the stop or target, and you have not received an alert, you should observe the parameters from the original report. In other words, exit the position according to the published stop or target. Sometimes in a fast market, it is imperative that you be prepared to act.

If we have advised you to raise your stop with trading alerts to protect your profits and that trailing stop is hit, you should take it immediately. Never, ever, let a winner become a loser. Those trailing stops are there to let the market take you out at a profit.

You can call your rep or call our research department at 800-286-1145 for questions about open recommendations and exit strategies. You can also send an email to research@wstreet.com with any questions you have.


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