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Charles Payne's Market Commentary
3/26/2019 - Market Sees Rate Cut…Is this good news?

I think it’s good the Fed would be willing to cut rates, but I would worry if this was due to a serious issue with a recession, which I don’t see for 2019.

This morning February housing starts came in at annualize rate of 1.16 million, far short of consensus of 1.21 million and down from 1.23 million in January.   This reflects the true area of fragility in the US economy that might change with lower rates.

Meanwhile, there... MORE

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The market is seeing an interest rate on the horizon. Do you think this is good news?
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Observations of a concerned public

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After reading the above commentary I am reassured that Charles Payne is the most straightforward and clear thinking commentator/analyst. I have enjoyed his program on Fox Business for a long time and had such a good feeling about his honest presentation. I know we have at least ONE television presen ...more
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