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Charles Payne's Market Commentary
11/21/2019 - Okay, here comes the rain again. Iím talking about the speculation and sirens of doom and gloom.† Yesterday, the market closed near where it was trading when Reuters reported the ďPhase OneĒ trade agreement might happen next year. The fact of the matter is this has always been a reality. Heck, the deal might not happen until 2021 or longer. However, I think it will happen before that other great media fixation: recession.

And thatís the point, as our economy has been tested,... MORE

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Payne's Perspective: November 11, 2019: Cash & Carry
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This is off the beaten path, but a monster list of nominees was released last night for the potential induction in the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What five would you choose?

*Pat Benatar
*Dave Matthews Band
*Depeche Mode
*The Doobie Brothers
*Judas Priest
*Nine Inch Nails
*Notorious B.I.G.
*Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
*T. Rex
*Thin Lizzy
*Todd Rundgren
*Whitney Houston

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Observations of a concerned public

By Patrick Comer - 10/21/2019
Charles, you have an uncanny ability to see the big picture better than almost everyone else. Your comments on company malfeasance is right on. Sadly, I don't believe the bad actors will take your advise.

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