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6/14/2019 9:48:58 AM By Charles Payne
Pressure Makes Diamonds
6/13/2019 1:23:10 PM By Charles Payne
6/13/2019 9:11:01 AM By Charles Payne
6/12/2019 1:33:20 PM By Charles Payne
6/12/2019 9:22:44 AM By Charles Payne

Wow...What a Difference a Week Makes
The biggest difference a week makes is the continued evolution of the Federal Reserve, which seems to be prepping investors and Main Street to a new role. In the past, the Fed hiked rates too soon, to Read more.

Special Report: Five Year Buys
For years I called this a “never sell” stock and the recent pullback puts it back into that category – at least for five years.  I will admit, what we know about the failure of the Lion Air flight tha Read more.

Ready to Pounce
6/7/2019 By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
I have been talking about the market sell off that occurred for the past six-weeks leading us to an amazing buying opportunity. I’ve been writing and talking for weeks about making a list and refining Read more.

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Question of the Week

Tell me your thoughts on the Chamber of Commerce's war on President Trump's use of tariffs and fight for free and fair trade. 
Click here to post your answer and let Charles know what you think.

Special Report: Chasing Performance
Stop Fretting About the Top!  Are you still worried about the market because the best stocks are already changing hands at 52-week highs - or even all-time highs? In this special report Charles writes about anxiety associated with chasing performance. This report includes 3 free investment ideas. Read more
Five Investing Approaches You Must Know
At any given time, there is a dominant investment theme that seems to capture everyone's attention. Get Charles' free 10 page report which includes in-depth explanations of each of the five investing themes every investor must know, stock ideas for each and how to play them. Don't miss this one! Read more
Observations of a concerned public

By John Dennstaedt: - 3/19/2019
I always get some insight with Mr. Payne's comments. I love and get so much from watching him on Fox and these emails. John from Annapolis, Maryland

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