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Charles Payne's Market Commentary
Setting the Mood
5/24/2024 - Stocks are gaining ahead of the long holiday, on account of Memorial Day. The S&P 500 is on track to extend its four-week win streak to five.  ... MORE

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5/24/2024 9:37:46 AM By Charles Payne
Where Else To Go?
5/23/2024 1:38:24 PM By Charles Payne
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So Goes NVDA, So Goes The Market
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Payne's Perspective: May 20, 2024: Waiting on Nvidia
Sometimes, the stock market seems illogical, and at other times, it seems crazy. nds rallied to economic data disappointments. Last week, stocks and bonds rallied to economic data disappointments. Almost every data point came in below the consensus, and some were worrisome. Every data point ‘bomb’ Read more.

The Dividend Report - May 2024
Corporate buybacks are under the gun again this election season, and while I think it’s a mistake to tax them 4%, there will be greater scrutiny upon them no matter which party wins the White House. While a third of dividends are conflicted with executive compensation, the rest serve the legitimate Read more.

Market Commentary
Payne's Perspective: May 13, 2024: Searching for Value
5/13/2024 By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst
There were no major key macro data releases last week, which was a blessing. It was more than a blessing, as the S&P 500 climbed +1.9% - three times the historical average (+0.62%). It was more than a blessing, as the S&P 500 climbed +1.9% - three times the historical average (+0.62%). The same Read more.

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Observations of a concerned public

By R. Cabanas - 3/27/2024
It's amazing how many relevant insights Charles can fit into a concise Hotline Report. It tells the story, and is the first thing I read to start the trading day.

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