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Charles Payne's Market Commentary
12/4/2023 - Last Friday was a solid finish to the week, and it happened without the Magnificent Seven.

The market breadth was also fantastic last week.

Friday’s biggest gainers were mainly severely oversold stocks. The percentage gains are very enticing, which creates a dilemma because the majority lack evidence of any fundamental improvements to warrant big rallies.... MORE

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Payne's Perspective: December 4, 2023: The Rally Baton & December
After a November that etched itself into the record books, the first session of December didn’t miss a beat, but it stumbled out of the gate before regaining composure. It was a great week all around. November saw extreme bottom fishing, where several beaten-down names made tremendous moves. Last Read more.

State of the Market and Q&A with Charles Payne
On Saturday, December 3, 2023, Charles Payne and his team hosted an exclusive State of the Market and LIVE Q&A to his paid subscribers.  The market is presenting amazing opportunities, but we need to be very selective in order to make the most of them.  Charles provided his perspective on the Read more.

Market Commentary
Payne's Perspective: November 27, 2023: Mid-Caps Ready To Lead?
11/27/2023 By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst
The skeptics are struggling after a summer of delight that saw bond yields surge and stocks stumble; bonds and equities are building a hell of a head of steam heading into the end of the year. The 8.7% November rally is one of the best in history for the year's penultimate month. Read more.

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Observations of a concerned public

By Peter Quinn: - 9/12/2023
Best commentary ever. You are the best Charles! ...more
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