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5/22/2020 9:30:59 AM By Charles Payne
Market Surprise
5/21/2020 1:34:20 PM By Charles Payne
Strong Rebound
5/20/2020 1:24:31 PM By Charles Payne
5/20/2020 9:20:06 AM By Charles Payne
Consolidating Gains
5/19/2020 1:05:01 PM By Charles Payne

Payne's Perspective: April 27, 2020: The Valiant Return
American joblessness continues to mount, with another 4.4 million filing for unemployment benefits, bringing continuing claims north of 15.0 million. Although it makes you cry, the sequential decline in weekly totals is heartening. Go back to March 23, and consider were the market was, in a state Read more.

What Investors Can Learn From LEGO's Success
Watch Charles' video clip on Fox Business as he tells investor ‘staying the course’ is the best investing strategy, pointing to LEGO as a successful example. Read more.

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Question of the Week

When the so-called "rich guys" speak negatively about the market, you must always remember that some are betting big against it and make a lot of money if it goes down. Then they go positive, get big publicity, and make it go up. They get you both ways. Barely legal?

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

If you agree with President Trump about the shenanigans of the market, where should there be changes? 

I absolutely think about bringing back the uptick rule and curbing high-frequency trading (HFT), a position I did not have before. In fact, I used to fiercely defend HFT as part of the game - but it's gone too far, coupled with algorithms that trigger monster selling in the blink of an eye.

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Five Investing Approaches You Must Know
At any given time, there is a dominant investment theme that seems to capture everyone's attention. Get Charles' free 10 page report which includes in-depth explanations of each of the five investing themes every investor must know, stock ideas for each and how to play them. Don't miss this one! Read more
Observations of a concerned public

By Patrick Comer: - 3/12/2020
Thank you Charles for your overall ability to see what is going on in the markets. You are exactly right that investors are in a panic mode for all the wrong reasons. I tell my daughter who wants to sell her 401K that you haven't lost a penny unless you sell. The market will come back, it always doe ...more
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