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Charles Payne's Market Commentary
7/30/2021 - Okay, so we finally got an ‘up’ session on Thursday with positive market breadth. Although it was not the stuff of legends for sure, and far too little volume – but, it was a win, and I’ll take it.

The Heat Map was also very encouraging, with just a few specks of red here and there.... MORE

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Payne's Perspective: July 26, 2021: Riding the Waves
Last week in Payne’s Perspective, I incorporated new metrics to explain that while market internals had become sloppy, the overall market was oversold. The combination of those factors saw a major pullback on Monday, followed by share recovery sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a strong session Read more.

The Dividend Report - July 2021
Historically, older, and larger companies with a strong cash flow pay out dividends. While these companies often have slower revenue growth, the amounts taken in are substantial and usually shared generously with shareholders. The problem is the stock market rewards changes in growth more than it Read more.

Payne's Perspective: July 19, 2021: Swagger Stumbles
7/19/2021 By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst
The S&P 500 is still well above the trendline that marked the start of the current bull market (see the chart on the left) and could actually pull back to 4,200 before facing a must-hold test of support. Conversely, the decline last week (chart on the right) picked up momentum, suggesting a greater Read more.

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