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Special Offer from Charles V. Payne: Coronavirus Selloff

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
3/17/2020 6:23 PM

The stock market is in the midst of the fastest retreat into bear market territory in history.  It is creating a lot of pain, but it is also creating a generational investing opportunity.


Let’s Talk Today.

I’m offering a 10% discount to my flagship products, Hotline and Swing Strategies, and an extra 30 days on annual subscriptions for those that sign up today.

I’m making this offer because there is a sense of urgency to be positioned for two waves on the upside.  The first is an oversold bounce that will see lots of winners, and the second wave that will see grand slams.

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What many people are saying to me now is they know the way they have been investing is all wrong, but how does Wall Street Strategies, and its model portfolio and portfolio approach, work differently.

Wall Street Strategies Versus What You are Doing Now

Long term Active Investing

There are three pillars to our investing approach.  The most important for long term investors is fundamentals. 

Underlying fundamentals and fundamental trends inform us of the companies whose stocks will be rewarded with outsized gains and valuations.  The good news is day to day the stock market is not efficient.  Even though all the information needed is readily available to assess individual stocks and the market, it doesn’t mean the market knows this information.

In other words, the data is out there, but fewer and fewer investors are taking the time to learn, understand and interpret the information.  Therefore, the market and individual stocks are at times volatile and investors surprised so often.

This year on my Hotline Service, we closed several positions in January and February:

21 for profits

3 for losses

1 unchanged

25 total closed positions

Of those ideas, 24 moved higher after we closed them, a couple significantly higher. But even before the recent turmoil, many declined to less than out exit point, and now, they are all substantially below our exit points.

The importance of this is while we focus on long term investing and have positions that are significantly under water with the market, our subscribers booked and banked profits that can now be used to take advantage of the carnage.

This is not the position 99% of retail investors find themselves for two reasons.

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Wow, just Wow.... That unique combination of being completely tone deaf and reprehensible as you try profiting off a disaster. Perhaps you should take your moral compass in for a tune-up, it's clearly not functioning properly.

Rick Fremont on 3/18/2020 6:10:29 PM

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