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Afternoon Note

Liking Today’s Action

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
12/26/2018 1:46 PM
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Over the last couple of days, the disconnect between economic news and the stock market has been so confusing you would be forgiven if you are surprised Consumer Discretionary stocks are leading the charge today.

We began the session with the MasterCard Spending Pulse report showing spending up the most in six years, as Americans plowed $850 billion into holiday spending.

Amazon (AMZN) is doing its part, but its brick and mortar names carrying the load:

Energy (XLE) is higher as West Texas Intermediate has popped in part to speculation of a potential emergency OPEC meeting. 

Then there’s Communication Services (XLC) led by momentum darlings: Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR), Take Two (TTWO), Netflix (NFLX) and Google/Alphabet (GOOG).

S&P 500 Index


Communication Services (XLC)


Consumer Discretionary (XLY)


Consumer Staples (XLP)


Energy (XLE)


Financials (XLF)


Health Care (XLV)


Industrials (XLI)


Materials (XLB)


Real Estate (XLRE)


Technology (XLK)


Utilities (XLU)



I like this action because an early rally attempt faded after the Dow rallied 280 points and selling began gaining momentum to the downside.   It was a perfect chance for the market to dive again but an interesting thing happened.  Buyers began to materialize.

I’m still worried about the banks, especially Goldman Sachs (GS), but like what I’m seeing right now.

Charles, thank you for being on three 3hrs this morning, and the stamina to still do your 2pm show, NOW you know The C.P. EFFECT rallies are REAL, CANT DENY IT TODAY. Thanks Charles PAYNE for being the FACTS based news media &FBN. The idiots on propaganda media really are trying to kill the mrkt, & hurt the USA. Thank you president Trump for visiting our brothers& sisters over seas. Life is great INVEST long.

Ed on 12/26/2018 2:57:30 PM
Thanks Ed Ity is heartbreaking the forces trying to force or cheer the US economy off the rails mostly because they hate the President more than they love the country. Its deep and its real. CP

Charles Payne on 12/26/2018 3:09:00 PM
@cvpayne Anyone notice that when the DOW and S&P 500 both hit 20% down from their 52 week highs on an intra-day basis that they both turned higher and did not look back.

Tom Holcomb on 12/26/2018 5:17:24 PM
I agree Charles it is very real....

Chris DeGhelder on 12/26/2018 5:19:25 PM

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