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Waiting for the CBO

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
3/13/2017 12:15 PM
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The street is sitting on its collective hands waiting for the Congressional Budget Office to release its “score” on the Republican replacement plan for Obamacare. The bipartisan agency wasn’t exactly spot on with its work for Obamacare, although some argue that the combined coverage under the Obamacare exchanges and Medicaid add up to the initial promises for the law.  That’s taking license, but it underscores one of many challenges for the GOP.

Currently, there are 27 million uninsured, which is significantly more than the CBO modelled for back in 2010.

The $70.0 billion paid by the federal government to cover the Medicaid expansion would be sorely missed by the 31 states that opted into the scheme, including many controlled by Republican governors.

While the board market is struggling for footing, tech names are taking off in the wake of the Mobile Eye (MBLY) acquisition. There is no doubt that many more deals are going to happen as the tech world gears up for future battles that are coming sooner, rather than later.

The CBO is loaded with pro democrats and you want us to believe that the CBO is the answer?? This is “FAKE NEWS” when was the last time the Republicans named their people at the CBO?

Philippe on 3/13/2017 5:54:57 PM
And, you can bet your last dime their "estimates" will show "people" losing coverage" regardless of the fact that the ACA is falling apart and they would lose it anyway. One thing we can always count on regarding Democratic statements about anything conservative or Republican is that they will find fault and it is because they are mean and uncaring people.

Garro on 3/14/2017 7:50:55 AM

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