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Afternoon Note

The Memo

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
12/4/2023 1:07 PM

Over the weekend, a memo must have gone out to sell the magnificent seven, but no instructions were given on what to buy.  Consequently, growth sectors are taking it on the chin today and the old school safe havens are higher.

Layoffs are good news for Spotify’s (SPOT) share price, but ahead of the jobs report, it is not a great harbinger. Interestingly, the street is hoping for a "bad" report, even as consensus sees a month-to-month increase.

Nothing panicky, but for a moment, folks were thinking stocks only went up.

Pro Tip: Big money is made when they go down and you buy them.

To be expected... I'm going to wait to see if NVDA drops on Xdiv... (lol).

Robert E Benson on 12/4/2023 1:49:21 PM

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