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Afternoon Note

A Little Cynical

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
5/24/2023 1:28 PM

As the Debt and default drama plays out in D.C., we are also awaiting Nvidia (NVDA) earnings, which reports after the close. Yesterday, Thomas Thornton posted a tweet saying:

$NVDA does a great job exploiting every trend.  And when the trend ends a new one will be there.  RIP Data centers, crypto mining, metaverse, laptops, gaming.  Hello AI.

Seems a little cynical, but it’s a great point.

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Artificial Intelligence

Meta & Omni Verse











The stock has rallied in three of the last four releases, but it’s really extended now.

The stock looks extended, and the shares are at a double top.  I love the long-term potential but also would love to buy on a dip.



I sold my 80 shares of NVDA this morning at a 142% profit. Hated to part with it, but nervous about the earnings call and debt ceiling nonsense. I agree with Charles, I'd like to see it go down tomorrow so I can buy back on the dip.

LEE SALEM on 5/24/2023 1:48:55 PM

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