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Afternoon Note

Bad and So-So News

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
3/1/2023 1:30 PM

Once again, economic data that misses consensus weighs on the market.  Yep, bad, and so-so news is bad and so-so news.


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He’s back.  Elon Musk is once again the richest person in the world. Even as he pushes the envelope in an effort to piss off everyone in the world, at least, shareholders love him again.  We are still waiting to hear comments from the Tesla (TSLA) Investor Day presentation.

This morning, Rivian (RIVN) laid an egg, and the shares are down 18%. Even larger rivals like Ford (F) are struggling with the nuance of competing in the EV space.  I think Tesla is still the name to try to beat in EV.

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Earnings after the bell for Salesforce (CRM). The shares have been rocked four of the past five releases, and yet, this month no less five firms - BMO, Cowen, Ever-core, Wed bush and Barclays - maintained outperform or overweight ratings.

We are holding, as activist have begun to circle the name and could become aggressive with pushing reform.  It hasn’t been a good look paying Matthew McConaughey $10,000,000 as creative director when they are laying off thousands of workers.

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Another software as a service player post results after hours…for a while Snowflake (SNOW) was a juggernaut, but more recently, the stock has taken it on the chin after posting result. 

The good news is earnings consensus has been edging higher and higher.

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Overall, I still like the SaaS software niche in general – seems to still be growing.  These companies just need better and more consistent execution.

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