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Afternoon Note

Roiling Consumers

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
11/11/2022 1:09 PM

There was a sharp decline in Consumer Sentiment. coming well below consensus as Current Conditions are roiling consumers. 

This line stood out the most: 

“Overall, declines in sentiment were observed across the distribution of age, education, income, geography, and political affiliation, showing that the recent improvements in sentiment were tentative.” 

The ten-year bond is coming down a lot and is giving the market a sigh of relief, but especially in high Beta names. Money is coming out of traditional sectors into Communication Services and Technology.

There are still lots of challenges ahead, but this is a great way to head into the weekend - on Monday, almost everyone on the street was modeling this week to be an unmitigated disaster.  Maybe, that's why it wasn't.

Have a great weekend. 

Hey Charles, just got burned on generac holdings buying 20 shares from 208 down to 135 with the analyst touting it as a screaming buy all the way down and now I’m holding (once again) this dog by the tail. Question: what strategy can I employ to bypass what I now call the analyst trap. Thanks, Joe from Pennsylvania

Joe McDonald on 11/11/2022 2:36:11 PM

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