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Afternoon Note

Recession Ahead?

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
8/9/2022 1:43 PM

Bad news from non- farm productivity wasn't good news for the market. And yet, stocks are mostly marking time until the morning.

Historically, this report seems to guarantee a recession is ahead - and we should all hope it's begun, so we can get out of it sooner.

The Fed has a lot on its plate and probably has already overthought this to the point they could have gone even harder with stronger rate hikes.

The stock market is trying to look beyond this point and on to when we come out of it...but that won’t happen by accident, and there is a chance the Fed could make it worse.

OF course the FED will screw it up.... they have not a clue what they are doing and if they go low, and stay at 75, and jobs keep coming in... we're are still FUBAR for a lot longer. Just rip the band-aid off and raise it by 100 and shock the world, let the market get it's capitulation. And then all the rest of the bad banks (there's 1000's of them), like Softbank can unwind all their bad bets and get the markets healthy again. Can you say 'OVER LEVERAGED'

This is '08 2.0 Turbo edition... we are ruled (ahem, governed) by morons that because they think they are the elite, they know better. I'm sure a Frat house on a Sat night, random students throwing at ideas on a dart board could come up with better ways to fix this nightmare, than what J.P. and his cronies are doing. They all know each other, and run in the same circles. Until we all say enough... change won't happen that is real and lasting.

Come on mid-terms, make the world right again. Cause this current Admin has made things worse, and we haven't even hit bottom yet. Ugh.

BYoung on 8/9/2022 2:30:01 PM

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