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Afternoon Note

Cautiously Loving It

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
12/2/2021 1:14 PM

I'm cautiously loving today's action, as news of a second Omicron case in the United States didn't derail the market.  In fact, it might have helped, as it appears the person is already on the mend.  Note: the Minneapolis man was just at a convention in NYC, so maybe the travel ban stuff is too little too late #Justsaying.

I'll feel much better when the S&P 500 is above 4,655 and NASDAQ above 15,622.

The big "winner" today is the Russell 2000, which has so much work to do, but it is bouncing off a double bottom and leading all the major equity indices. 

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"cautiously loving" - is that like "distantly dryhumping" ?

Patrick J Pedley on 12/2/2021 9:26:11 PM

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