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Afternoon Note

Calm Before Explosive Week

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
7/26/2021 1:46 PM

I never, ever had a lover

Who put the pedal to the metal?

And burn rubber on me, Charlie

Oh, no, no, no

Burn Rubber on Me

Gap Band

It's been a good session that's lured would be sellers only to find would-be buyers.  Of course, there is a fair amount of concern about this week's earnings and messaging from the Fed which isn't going to hike rates but some on the street think this is the money to signal they are ready to taper.  How this happens when the Fed has clearly made Covid19 a key part of its decision-making.

Energy crushing it as it continues to toggle back and forth in a very narrow range.

Earnings parade

Tesla (TSLA) is first up in a week that sees the most influential companies. Elon Musk has seen his company’s shares move sideways for a while as the shares are down 6% for the year.  But that doesn’t mean much unless you bought it on January 1st.

The stock is up 134% in the past year and +853% in the past three years.

Should you buy the stock ahead of the close?  Well, the last five reports saw the stock down a week later, but less than 10% while the two times before then the shares took off like a rocket.

TSLA Stock Reaction

One Week

One Day

Oct 2019



Jan 2020



Apr 2020



Jul 2020



Oct 2020



Jan 2021



Apr 2021



The stock is in a pennant formation that suggests a monster move is happening soon quite possibly from this evening's financial results.


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