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Still Counting

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
11/6/2020 12:58 PM

The counting for the presidential election continues with razor thin margins in several states. There are still Senate races yet to be determined. Investors are taking it all in check, and while the major indices are down, the nonfarm payroll number helped stem the decline.

In October, nonfarm payroll added 638,000 jobs from 672,000 in the September. Private sector jobs increased by 906,000 from 892,000 in September.  

Goods Producing

Service Providing

Mining +1,000

Retail Trade +103,700

Construction +84,000

Wholesale +6,400

Manufacturing +38,000

Transportation & Warehousing +63,200


Utilities -1,500


Information -3,000


Financial Activities +31,000


Professional & Business +208,000


Education & Health +57,000


Leisure & Hospitality +271,000


Other +47,000

The major indices are all down, but not significantly, especially after the last few sessions of gains.  The S&P 500 is mixed, with the safety trade back on, while Energy underperforms.

S&P 500 Index



Communication Services XLC



Consumer Discretionary XLY



Consumer Staples XLP



Energy XLE



Financials XLF



Health Care XLV



Industrials XLI



Materials XLB



Real Estate XLRE



Technology XLK



Utilities XLU



Have a good weekend.  Stay safe and be well.

1. Insist on ‘Mail-In Ballots’ due to COVID.
2. Allow early voting (up to 2 months) so that voters are not fully informed (2nd Debate).
3. Concentrate on Democratic controlled states.
4. Resist transparency - do not allow Republicans to monitor the counting of mail-in ballots; ignore Appellate Court rulings mandating such monitoring (Philadelphia).
5. Delay, delay, delay while more ballots are ‘dumped’ in some cases 100% for Biden!

Tom Holcomb on 11/6/2020 3:37:53 PM

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