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Afternoon Note


By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
10/14/2019 1:51 PM

Investors are grappling with what’s next on trade and dealing with stories that make it sound like the verbal agreements made last Friday are now dead on arrival. Some stories are focused on China’s description of the truce, and others are saying China is demanding another round of talks. 

Interestingly, President Trump told reporters that this so-called “phase one” papering of the agreement would take up to five weeks.  And, the administration has been clear on other work to be done.  Still, headlines of China’s pushback sent the Dow from a hundred-point gain to a one-hundred-point decline right before the start of trading.

After trading began, this tweet from the Hu Xijin, Editor-in-Chief of Chinese and English editions of the Global Times came out:

Hu Xijin 胡锡进


Based on what I know, China-US trade talks made breakthrough last week and the two sides have the strong will to reach a final deal. Initial statement of the Chinese side is moderate. This is China's habit. It doesn't mean China's real attitude is not positive.

The market rebounded off the lows, but it’s been a real lackluster session.   That could begin to change tomorrow morning when bank stocks begin to report.  Although financials are higher, there hasn’t been a lot of reward for trying to buy these stocks before the companies’ report.  Even the names that popped the day earnings were released saw those gains fade over the course of five days.  Only Wells Fargo (WFC) share price improved, but it was still a loss.

Big Banks 2Q Earnings & Reactions

Results versus Consensus

Stock reaction

Same day

One week

Goldman Sachs

Beat 18.8%



JP Morgan

Beat 12.9%




Beat 8.3%



Wells Fargo

Beat 13.0%



Seems like WFC is held back by the government restrictions but should continue to go up as restrictions are lifted.

Harrylwilliamsjr on 10/14/2019 3:48:11 PM

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