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Afternoon Note

Helping the Heart Land

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
1/8/2018 1:18 PM
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The market meandered this morning after hinting at a strong start, only to come out of the gate flat.  This isn’t uncommon the week after the big jobs report.  I’m fine with the action and would be surprised if there is a last-minute push that lifts the major indices to new highs.

Farm Aid

Today, President Trump addresses the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 99th Annual convention.  While part of his presentation will underscore present economic accomplishments, he will be the first sitting president since 1992 to speak at this event, which means folks are also going to be looking for farm and rural-specific solutions.

Challenges to Rural America:

Government’s Role


For the second time in 100 years, there was an uptick in farmers 35 years old and younger.  There are opportunities to attract millennials to the heartland.  So, farming is cooking, but access to capital is still a major deterrent.  The USDA Farm Loan program has earmarked $2.4 billion for FY 2018 through its various programs.

Farmers are thrilled the Clean Water Act is no longer being used as a weapon against farmers and ranchers who no longer have to worry about dust particles and can focus on growing their business.

The Trump administration is very serious about the opioid crisis.  In addition to law enforcement initiatives, there will be pressure to help curb the crisis through intervention and economic opportunities.



Lane widening and repairs for the highways that connect distant towns and makes cross country trucking shipping safer and more efficient.

• Repairs for bridges that have begun to show the signs of age and wear.

• Water infrastructure necessary to meet rural community needs while maintaining requirements under clean water laws.

• Conservation funding to preserve natural habitats for hunters and fishers.

• Public transportation that helps the elderly and disabled in rural communities.

High Speed Internet

Connecting to the world is important for sure and helps address new jobs and even educational short-comings.

Business Role

In new tax bill, there is a provision to provide tax credits to businesses setting up in lower income parts of the economy, including rural America.


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