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Thatís a Jolt!

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
8/8/2017 12:49 PM
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Image result for ingredients in jolt soda

Remember when Jolt Soda was all the rage a decade ago, hitting the scene before those energy drinks, to stir debate among everyone not looking to stay up all night or rock out at some concert.

Back then, the ingredients in Jolt Cola Energy Drink included: carbonated water, sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid and natural flavors.

Fast forward to 2017, and the jolt in the jobs market contains ingredients including: renewed optimism, business investment, improving global economy and success as a foundation.


The problem is the numbers are great, but the taste is uncomfortable. There is a persistent disconnect with quits barely moving when openings continue to increase significantly.

Job Opening Highlights:

That construction number really stands out to me, especially when compared to quits. Theoretically, as openings increase so, too, should quits, as workers get to shop their skills for higher pay and benefits. The surge in job openings has seen a plunge in people quitting those jobs.

The most recent jobs report saw a bump in wages but nothing like what I have expected all year long.

I love the action in today’s session, as all the major indices began the session lower and have turned positive, led by Blue Chips in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

There are interesting aspects to the economy. The improvement is uneven, but it is very real, and that should be the basis of any investment thesis.

Charles, when do you return to the Fox Business channel?
We miss the most insightful, talented and best dressed guy on TV!!!

Mike Avery on 8/8/2017 1:14:31 PM
Ditto....i dont know what fox news has been doing lately but Charles you are our last hope for no nonsence financial news reporting

Mrolfing on 8/9/2017 2:31:03 PM

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