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Afternoon Note

Letís Keep the Party Going

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
8/1/2017 2:25 PM
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The market had another batch of rather upbeat earnings results today. The Nasdaq Composite Index is currently up 9 points (0.1%) to 6357.39.


WTI Crude dropped drastically after a six session rally and it’s weighing on the energy stocks.

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) showed that U.S. factory activity fell to 56.3 last month from 57.8 in June, which was the highest level since August 2014. This shows a near three-year high in July amid a drop in new orders.

The core PCE showed consumer spending increasing to 2.8%, showing consumption unchanged in June after a rise of 0.2 percent in May.

The S&P 500 traded near the best level of the day. The index is up 5.9 (0.2%) to 2,476, which is only slightly below its record close set last week at 2,484.04. Telecommunications Services and Financials are the two best performing sectors.

S&P 500 Performance



Last %

Market Cap

1-Year % Change

Consumer Discretionary

12 Industries



Consumer Discretionary 1 year % change+12.17%

Consumer Staples

6 Industries



Consumer Staples 1 year % change+1.61%


2 Industries



Energy 1 year % change-2.52%


7 Industries



Financials 1 year % change+30.50%

Health Care

6 Industries



Health Care 1 year % change+6.13%


14 Industries



Industrials 1 year % change+15.71%

Information Technology

7 Industries



Information Technology 1 year % change+27.53%


5 Industries



Materials 1 year % change+12.03%

Real Estate

2 Industries



Real Estate 1 year % change--

Telecommunication Services

2 Industries



Telecommunication Services 1 year % change-11.40%


5 Industries



Utilities 1 year % change+2.00%

Investors are awaiting Apple (AAPL) earnings results; after the close of the market today. Apple is the S&P 500's largest component by market cap and it’s the last of the “FANG” stocks to report.

We are not going to force the issue. Have a wonderful afternoon.

More simplicity in your explanation.For us older guys who have the$$$$$.

Don D Nowinski on 8/1/2017 3:16:49 PM
Like your commentary each day. Although I have a financial adviser that I am very happy with, I enjoy reading your views and respect the hell out of you----please come back to Fox business as soon as you sort out what most of think is a non starter situation!!!!!!

David Walz on 8/1/2017 4:26:45 PM
Great commantery Charles...... now mining stocks in South Africa which is either positive or _ your take on AU or Randfountain group Sir Charles.

Ramon Espinosa on 8/2/2017 10:24:18 AM

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