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Kevin K writes: - 11/9/2017
Well stated and succinct Charles. Thanks for making it understandable to the doubters. If Congress could get their collective acts together, we'd be even better-off. Haters always gonna hate!
By James J. Hayes - 11/7/2017
Good concise reporting. Well done

By R. J. Herson - 11/7/2017
Mr. Payne, your commentary on Darren Drake was beautifully done and moving. I also saw your on-air comments on this topic yesterday. Thank you for caring and for making this insightful observations.

Shirley D writes: - 10/20/2017
Excellent commentary! We have to draw the jobs back to make a great economy. Also. we have to improve education in our youth. They deserve a better education and opportunities. There appears to be a little hope in Congress now. But their pretty self serving. Maybe the President is pulling them in. Complacency is nice I suppose if your rich. We can only hope the draining of the swamp can continue because the epidemic has been rampant and costly to the GDP!

Nedra Thomason Writes: - 10/13/2017
I was very impressed with your journalistic presentation during interviews and comments. Thanks for your neutrality. I am definitely a "deplorable" but my math major makes taught me to take a look at all possibilities. Keep up the good work.

Derrick V. Writes: - 10/12/2017
Thanks for the info ..keep up the good work.
By Bob G - 9/26/2017
Thank you for well reasoned comments on the indiscreet behavior of a minority of the NFL athletes and the majority of the owners. The athletes violated their contracts and the owners showed no backbone in dealing with unpatriotic behavior by those most benefitting from the blessings of this country on individuals. These athletes get paid $$$ to produce nothing for the society and then slam the society that gave them the opportunity for that career path. Their behavior is worthy of a sad shaking of the head in amazement at their immaturity.

By Valerie Kilbourne - 9/25/2017
Thanks, Charles--you give me sound reasoning in these troubled times and I feel much better.

By Robb Rogers - 9/19/2017
u r my Hero i marvel at how u know what u know and then IMPLEMENT

Frank W. writes - 9/14/2017
Really happy to see you back, love your commentary!
By Mike S: - 9/13/2017
Your Morning Reports always get pointing in the right direction. Thanks CP

By Robert R - 9/13/2017
So glad you are back. You were missed! Just started these newsletters and find they have opened my eyes and broadened my scope in my investments. You are the best!
By Shel K: - 9/12/2017
Great to see you back. We REALLY missed you.

By Thomas E. Holmes - 9/12/2017
I am a "newby" to your site and look forward to your cogent analyses.

From The Stephensons - 9/12/2017
CP, Great to see you back where you belong. You're Family and we always had your back. We love you. May God Bless you and your family. There is no one better, Welcome HOME!
By James Rhein - 9/12/2017
YOUR BACK!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! Now my wife of 45 years and I can once again watch FOX BUSINESS and MAKING MONEY WITH CHARLES PAYNE!!!

Larry B. writes: - 9/11/2017
Great to see you back on your Fox News show. I can start watching your program again!
Alan Carr writes: - 9/11/2017
I couldn't believe my eyes Friday evening. Having you back didn't just make my day, it made my year.
By Ramon Espinosa - 9/11/2017
Don't ever leave Fox your insights are terrific Charles.
By Dennis Howard: - 9/11/2017
Delighted to see you back on Fox.

By Myles Acken: - 9/11/2017
Great to see you back on Fox Business!

Kevin Kelly: - 9/11/2017
Extremely happy to see you back on Fox Business. You have been missed. God bless you.

By John C. Parnell - 9/11/2017
So glad you're back on Making Money! Congrats!

By Italia: - 9/1/2017
Trust your wisdom Charles follow u on twitter.
Mobashir Ahmed writes: - 9/1/2017
I have missed you at Fox Business and wondering if you'd ever allowed to resume your show. In the meantime I would like to stay in touch for any small stock investment ideas through your network. Thanks
Ana McNally writes: - 8/28/2017
Miss your advice everyday. Grateful for all you have done in past years to help with investing decisions.

John Cowger writes: - 8/23/2017
Dear Charles, Thank You --- for your comment ---(willful destruction)---and in my case GREAT grandchildren's future. The future is what we all try to better ourselves for while we are here and after we are gone ---- The founding fathers come to my mind---- Good Job

Denise Bartlet writes: - 8/22/2017
Me too! Charles, come back to FBN. How can we help get you back?

Linda Hagerman writes: - 8/22/2017
Charles is always spot on and keeps me sane. I too, miss Charles on Fox Business. I don't care why he has chosen to take time off, I just hope he is back on ANY channel soon.

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