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By Cynthia Roden - 1/21/2022
Thank you Charles for keeping your sense of humor and helping the rest of us stay informed! This is the Charles we've all come to love, respect and look to for an honest opinion!
By Donna M: - 1/21/2022
Any time I see a headline or read a news story about the economy or the market - I always say to myself: I'm not going to believe it until I see what Charles has to say. You and your team's hard work is what makes many trust your educated opinion. Thank you Charles and Team!

By Amy B - 1/21/2022
I appreciate your hard work which allows you to give an honest assessment of the market, the Fed, the SEC and other industry news that affects our portfolios and investments. Have a great weekend!

By Paul Sciortino - 1/19/2022
CP is the only reason to continue down this path.
Thanks Charles

By Peter Braquet - 1/19/2022
The one thing I can count on is Charles's positive attitude & that's exactly what you need to succeed.

By Bruce Edwards - 1/10/2022
I have confidence in CP's perspective, experience and advice. Never panic but remain watchful and make sound decisions.

John M writes: - 1/6/2022
Please congratulate Charles for Making me $350,000.
By Patrick J Pedley - 12/9/2021
You have definitely changed my outlook for the better!!!! It pays to listen to you prior to taking action..........

By James Robert Davis II - 12/7/2021
Loving this "Unstoppable Prosperity"!! Thanks Charles & crew!

By James Robert Davis II - 12/7/2021
Loving this "Unstoppable Prosperity"!! Thanks Charles & crew!

By Bryan Austin: - 12/2/2021
Thank you for staying awake at night for me, I'm resting easier already.
By Kristin Baker - 11/22/2021
Thank you Charles! My husband and I really enjoy reading these comments . It gives us faith in American again. Let's hope we can keep America!

By Steve C. - 11/22/2021
Charles God bless you ! You are a breath of fresh air in a world choking on carbon tax credits ! I am reading "Unstoppable Prosperity" and I am excited like you would not believe !

By Guy Gadbois: - 11/14/2021
In just under three months of live trading, I have recovered the money used for the C.P. Platinum Program despite a lot of bad news recently. I am very happy about that. I feel like I made a good decision, and I have learned an awful lot about the market and trading. Looking forward to the future.
By Ron Dickson: - 11/11/2021

Great show Wednesday! I learned a lot - but I particularly loved your last very sincere comment (re. Curtis Mayfield's "No Thing On Me"):
"NEVER lose your natural high"

God Bless you,
Ron Dickson

By James Robert Davis: - 11/10/2021
Charles, you and your brother Cecil are to me what Benjamin Graham was to Warren Buffett! Thank you for everything!!! "Unstoppable Prosperity" is the way!

By Chan Chitwood: - 11/1/2021

I wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day last week with the State of the Market video. That was some of the most informative information I've seen in a long time. Great learning experience and well worth the 1 hr investment in my time. I would highly recommend anyone watching that video if it's still available. Great work CP!

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