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By John Y - 3/28/2024
Thanks for your consistent, steady hand.
By John Y

By R. Cabanas - 3/27/2024
It's amazing how many relevant insights Charles can fit into a concise Hotline Report. It tells the story, and is the first thing I read to start the trading day.

By Jim Cox - 2/12/2024
I have faith Charles has our best interest in mind. In my case, he has much more experience in this field than I and I trust he is making his best decisions in my and our well being.

By Brent Green - 2/7/2024
Appreciate you and what you and your team do for us every day so much! I think most of us realize it would be so much easier for you to just invest on your own instead of sharing and teaching the rest of us. I feel so much better having you on my side! Thank you!

Daryl Gonyon, Capt USAF Ret writes: - 2/5/2024
My farewell on a positive note. Nearing age 84, my mental sharpness is not as I would like it. Decades ago I was active with options, and was an investment broker. I wanted to join that approach recently, but... too much for me now. I made big bucks back in the day with options, love the venture into it by Charles Payne. Teamwork reigns supreme with him. I love it. Thank you Charles for your support, and Jason Maeroff my Client Service Rep, always there if needed. With great advice. I will continue promoting Charles Payne and company. Proudly so. I am getting emotional as I recall Charles journey as an Army brat... I am career Air Force with a family full of "brats." I have loved my journey with the military... and with Charles. Experiences of a lifetime...

By Brian Coomer - 2/1/2024
Thanks for your perspective on yesterday. Once again, I'm solidly in your corner!!
Karen H writes: - 2/1/2024
Thank you so much for these updates. I always look forward to them.
By Brian Coomer - 1/31/2024
Great report once again!! I am so glad I'm with you guys!!

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