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By Michael J. Franz: - 11/7/2018
Charles-You have no idea how many people you inspire! Thank you sir.

By Ray Weldon: - 11/6/2018
What a legacy! Thanks for not only offering fine investment advice but inspiring our patriotism and support of America and capitalism.

From W Gilmore: - 11/6/2018
Thanks for that Charles. I'm obviously a fan. Your grandparents were inspirations. So are you. Don't stop.

By Bill Baumner - 10/31/2018
Charles, you are so good and so true in your perceptions and comprehension of the market, politics and the country and having the courage to let it be known. There doesn't seem to be much profit in being negative as is much of the climate today, so your optimism is contagious, needed, profitable, and realistic. Please keep up the good work to bring out a better flavor among all the entities who generate negativity.

Thank you so much. You are a breath of fresh air!

By Miles Russell - 10/22/2018
Love the commentary Charles, you always put things in perspective.

By Lew Holt - 10/15/2018
Excellent analysis. Good job. Thanks for the info.

Betty Wharton writes: - 10/14/2018
Chas. Here again you make the best sense of them all. An added plus is that the average person can understand where you are coming from ! Listen to you on TV also - keep up the good work! BW
Deborah writes: - 10/13/2018
Love your commentary....hope the new time is going to be great for you. Will be watching.

Michael Falzone writes: - 10/13/2018
Charles, if you were a baseball player you would be the greatest infield utility player there ever was. You can cover any hour of the day at FBN. I think you are a natural for the new time slot since you will be in the middle of action. Congrats!!
Ray Weldon writes: - 10/9/2018
Another fantastic overview piece filled with technical and historic perspective and wisdom. This is the kind of insight that our country needs to reignite capitalism as a force to be reckoned with.

The move appeared to be risk off from fear of the Fed moving to hard and crushing our economy. This DESPITE Powell specifically stating there was not a need to move to quickly and not seeing inflation growing to aggressively.

Nothing like a fantastic buying opportunity in time for the holidays. The profits made will make the upcoming holidays that much sweeter!

Thanks again Charles and your fantastic team.

By Shirley K writes: - 10/8/2018
Love the commentary. I look forward to reading it first thing every morning.
By Daria Schooler - 8/20/2018
Reading your commentary had me playing Sting's song "King of Pain" in my head and this stanza sort of fits:

"I have stood here before inside the pouring rain
With the world turning circles running 'round my brain I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign But it's my destiny to be the king of pain

There's a king on a throne with his eyes torn out There's a blind man looking for a shadow of doubt There's a rich man sleeping on a golden bed
There's a skeleton choking on a crust of bread
King of pain"

Payne is better than pain!

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