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From Joe K - 11/18/2020
Charles: I just completed reading your book "Unstopable Prosperity" Tuesday, and took over 40 pages of notes notes. I have even re-read chapter 9. The information in your book was long over due (15 years) for me. I have been "managing" my account for at least that many years. I was always puzzled as to why after I thought I had done due diligence and purchased a stock that the stock price seem to always pull back! Your book was clear on why that happened as well as other anomalies of the market. Thank you for writing the book and expressing your knowledge in such clear terms as well as the practical applications. Your book is a treasure chest of information that I'm sure many of your admirers have been searching for a long time.

By Bill Miller - 11/11/2020
Hi. I hope you all will find this amusing and interesting. Eight days ago I entered hospital for a previously-scheduled TKR. I brought with me my phone and the first order of business was to teach the nurses to monitor my email inbox for anything from CP. They would then read to me the CP emails as they came in. I then taught them how to access my trading platform and help me to act upon the most recent ideas. These RN's were so excited when a trade was placed. They were seeing and living a side of life new to them. It would be interesting to know if this past week had any long term effect upon their lives. Without these nurses I would not have been able to follow CP's ideas and without CP I would not have been able to keep my sanity lying in a hospital room before, through and after election day, Thanks to them and thanks to CP.

By Patricia Harris - 10/29/2020
Thank you very much, Charles for the seminar last Saturday. You work hard and taking time from family on the weekend means a lot to us. Ifm glad you reinforced not panicking at this volatile time. Pat

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