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By Angelo Mancini - 7/11/2019
Charles, as usual you are the most clear-eyed of all. You always see the real picture and your explanations are spot on for clarity and vision. Thanks so much.
By Angelo Mancini - 7/3/2019
Charles, your comments are so worthy every day! Spot on and so much more pleasant and upbeat without all the wordy self-import stuffiness of the Economist. U R great!

By William Brown - 7/1/2019

I love your ideas and takes on what's happening in world economics and affairs. Keep up the excellent commentary, and I am glad you have the love of our country at heart.

By William L. Baumner III - 6/27/2019
Charles, you continue to be a very clear and valued thinker! Your appraisals of the macro view of the market and economy are most accurate. Too bad you are not Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

By Art Hajjarian: - 6/20/2019
Great analyses espacially with the summery I have chip stocks that has been hit hard with trade war with China, although I agree with the concepts of trade war, but needs negotiations and ending it soon.

By C Ullmann: - 5/30/2019
Dear Charles,
I love your sanity and rational explanations. I learn so much from your thought processes.
Your parents and teacher are to be commended.
You are likewise to be commended for continuing and prospering with that good start.
I fervently hope many colleges and high schools ask you to be a commencement speaker - you have much to offer. (A little early but Happy Father's Day!)

By Jim Johnson - 5/30/2019
Charles: You are a port in the storm, a light in the darkness, clarity in obfuscating confusion. It is my hope and prayer that your insight will not be lost on the voting public.

By Neil Feuer - 5/30/2019
Once again, you have re-enforced my buying/selling, never panic, always have an OTB (Garment Center saying...OTB...""good stores always have an OPen to BUY, OTB", don't be afraid to take a loss, you're first loss is your best loss, free up your 💰💰💰,OTB, keep you're
💰💰💰working for you!
You are a very wise man Charles Payne, that's why I listen, view you for over 10 years now.....
Keep your passion, it is you!

By Neil Feue - 5/30/2019
Your a very wise man who works and knows his business, his job, his customers!
Greatly appreciated, always!

By Kevin - 5/24/2019
I really appreciate the details you provide Charles.....

By James Warlin - 5/13/2019
Excellent analysis, Ken. As the Chinese might say...."You one SMART cookie!"

By Gary W Spurling - 5/2/2019
I'm happy to say I enjoy seeing Mr. Payne on the tv and radio I listen also. Very proud of him to know where he comes from and to see where he is now. I'm a trucker and I travel thru Alabama and have seen the poverty there. I too was born into poverty and I have worked my way to middle class. That's why Charles Payne is my favorite host of all on the Fox Network.I try to never miss his show and love it when he fills in for someone. It's easy to see that he is a very hard worker like myself. I will always be watching and listening.Thanks.

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