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By Michael Spellman: - 9/22/2023
In the past I would be impatient about now. Even not knowing what direction we will be heading I am confident that Charles and his team will guide us in the right direction.
By Jim Cox - 9/21/2023
When I see the drops in prices, it's great to have support from your team. Great reassurance for me. Thanks to all!
By Peter Quinn: - 9/12/2023
Best commentary ever. You are the best Charles!
David Norrell wrote: - 9/11/2023
Charles it was on this day 2001 I saw u for the 1st time. U were on Yahoo & was the 1st time I had ever streamed tv online. I was at work and was amazed at where computers were going. Anyway been watching U ever since. Great work & congratulations on ur success.
By Independent Thinker - 8/30/2023
Charles is brilliant! He looks at the big picture and amplifies the positive in a very balanced way to keep us all grounded. I never miss his show Making Money. Thank you my friend Charles!

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