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By KETAN - 5/9/2018
Mr Charles.........We always love you and love to listen......you walk like KING in Fox Business News........Great Job Sir. Thank You Sir. Ketan

David Berger writes: - 4/26/2018
Charles your brilliant. Love your posts!
By Michele Marrie: - 4/25/2018
Excellent analysis on CAT. We don't have any of this stock, but I learned a lot from your narrative.

By Uncle Pecos - 4/25/2018
Might be good to dollar cost average any cash on hand into the market starting now. BTW, I'm a big fan Charles, keep up the strong work.

From Sally : - 4/23/2018
I look forward to hearing your opinion on all things stocks and economy. You are always right on the money and you do not panic. I am 66 and got into trading when trump got in, who by the way I always knew he would win. I was up almost 40% until January when things went down. My broker said I am trading at his best traders levels. I thank you and Stuart and Maria for all my good trading. I always look forward to watching you. You are always upbeat despite all the stormy weather.
By Ray Weldon - 4/12/2018
I believe Charles has an underlying positive view because he is a true student of the market. Any student knows that despite World Wars, crashes and anything else that has happened and negatively affected markets, the market not only recovers but returns to its long term trend of moving upward. That is what investing is all about. When you study what America has been through, it is easy to see that the markets are just a reflection of our history over time.

Charles is not only a great student, but a visionary. That is why his insight is so valuable.

By Jackie Sosa - 4/12/2018
Thank you Charles for summing up the economic news of the day, getting to the point, and keeping a positive spin on things. Learn a lot from you and am very appreciative of your expertise and communication style. Have an awesome day!

By Bill Bram - 4/9/2018
Hi Charles

I am a new subscriber to your newsletter and have been watching your great show on Fox for years.

I like your market philosophy and am very bullish for the next year.

I'll be considering your advice and recommendations seriously.

By William Brown - 4/4/2018
I think you have it spot on, Charles. It's too bad that the younger investors don't see the overall forest. Markets never stay the same, but that doesn't mean one should panic sell. A year from now they will look back and say, "Gee, I wish I had bought those blue chips when they were down."

By Scott Presley - 3/28/2018
Thank you Charles for your continuing support for our President and your spot on analyzes of all matters financial. I watch your program EVERYDAY.

By Derrick A - 3/28/2018
Love ya all
Keep up The Good work

By El Zorro Oro: - 3/23/2018
Your comments are always good - but you hit this one out of the park. Please keep up the great work.

David Berger writes: - 3/10/2018
Charles Payne....your the only man I trust, you've never disappointed me and you've always been right! Thank you!!!

By Brian Feinstein - 3/9/2018
Great Job Charles!

By Ray Weldon - 3/9/2018
So I loved your comment investors being people who hold stocks 24 hours is hilarious... Thanks for your excellent commentary and discourse on capitalism, patriotism, and family all important "isms"!

By Tom Sanders - 3/6/2018
Thank you for not joining the crowd and looking at this issue as it truly is, in fact I have noticed that Carl Rove couldn't even speak clearly which means President Trump is spot on, now if the Arizona Senators come out against it and Pelosi does too it's got to be a winner.
You are one of the few commentators that actually uses critical thinking, keep it up, I love your show.

From John - 3/5/2018
Charles, It was great to have your hand holding through this. The others on Fox kept wanting to get everybody to panic. You would say the "fundamentals are still strong" and when you went away they would say but so and so is afraid.

By Michele Marrie - 3/2/2018
Excellent work on this Charles. It is always good to hear the voice of reason. Once in a while please let Lee go on TV with you... Michele Marrie

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