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By Patricia Harris - 10/20/2020
You are such a good man. I love that you tell us what you did that affected your current philosophy. I really hope someday we can have that great convention in Las Vegas that had to be cancelled. Would love to meet you in person.

By Martin J Weber - 10/15/2020
Charles - You are the best!

By Joseph L Metzger - 9/25/2020
Love your book and daily updates.

By Rosemary Dunn: - 9/24/2020
You have been an upbeat steady force in my life during these crazy times. I have enjoyed your TV program and this online info. As a "battery-operated" ninety year old, I appreciate who you are and what you do. GO CHARLES

By William Brown - 9/21/2020
Charles, we really enjoy your candid, realistic views on what is happening in the market. The people need someone like you that has solid common sense and a grounded background, to provide insight into what really is going on in our stock market world today. Thank you and never quit writing.

Nerve Subach writes; - 9/17/2020
Hi, Charles. I am a big fan of yours. You are phenomenal. I enjoy watching your show. I am seriously considering to invest with your guidance here. I found your newsletter very informative and I believe in you as I follow you. I tape your showS to review them if I missed them. Sincerely, Nerie

Martin Weber writes: - 9/17/2020
I am a big fan. I like everything about Charles Payne. Thank you for your wisdom and affability.
Dunca Ferguson writes: - 9/10/2020
Mr Payne, you are always great on Fox! I was thrilled to be an attendee in your live webcast yesterday. Be well and safe!
Paul Yakaitis writes: - 9/9/2020
As a retired Detroit business teacher, I remain in touch with many former students who now all want to learn about the market and invest as all are doing quite well. I always recommend Charlesf book! I learn a lot from it too!
Cornelia writes: - 9/4/2020
Good afternoon,

I just put my husband on a plane for 5 days at Pebble Beach with Swing Strategies profits.


By Rodney Morris - 8/14/2020
Thanks Charles, I am kicking butt on the stock market. I am doing better than my company 401K.

Dan Haynes writes: - 8/11/2020
Testimonial for Wall Street Strategies Aug 8, 2020

I have been watching Charles Payne on the Fox Business Network for many years. Charles has provided me with a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight on Investments, Financials, Politics, World Affairs, etc. Of course I watch Making Money With Charles Payne on a Daily Basis.

I joined the Wall Street Strategies Program about two years ago after you recruited me. I had originally let one of the Major Financial Investment Banks managed my Portfolio for many years. Initially I felt like I needed their advice to set up my Portfolio, but after a while I felt like their services were expensive and the Returns were not even beating the S&P Yearly Average.

So I moved my Portfolio from them and started to manage it myself. I read articles about investing, watch financial shows on TV, talked to friends and family members who managed their own Portfolios. But I did not have the time and expertise to accurately evaluate Companies Financial Statements, Investment Vehicles, Fundamentals, etc. I was also being driven by emotions and market volatility in a lot of situations. But I wanted to increase my Net Worth so I could pass on this Wealth to my kids and grandkids to help them get a good start in life.

Then I signed up for the Free Wall Street Strategies Hotline Daily Report. I was very impressed with the Market Analysis, Investment Information, Financial Strategy, Political Commentary, etc I felt like I may have found the right service I was looking for, so I signed up for the Hotline Service. This service has given me what I needed to successfully invest into todayfs financial world and increase my wealth. The Hotline Service does all the, research, analysis, and provides me with Stocks to buy for my Portfolio based on fundamentals. I no longer have to take a stock tip from a TV Analysts, a friend, or family member that is based on emotion or a market hunch.

The Hotline not only gives me the Stock to buy but also tells me when to Sell based on Fundamentals, not emotion. We have seen plenty of volatility, fear, emotion, etc over the last few years. The Hotline has helped me manage my fear, emotions, etc to make the best financial decisions possible.

I have learned a lot from using the Hotline Service from Wall Street Strategies and have been able to increase my overall net wealth. Even with the Pandemic, Political Environment, fear, and volatility this year, I have a + 7.5% ROI so far this year. I could not have achieved that financial success without the Wall Street Strategies Service.

I am continuing to learn more and more about successful investing. I realize that I must take emotions and fear out of my financial decisions and base my investment strategy on fundamentals to increase wealth.

I am convinced that Wall Street Strategies has me on the right track to increase my Wealth so I can pass it on to my kids and grandkids.



Dr. Bill Guyette writes: - 8/11/2020
William Guyette wrote:

I am so glad I decided to inquire about Wallstreet strategies at the beginning of this year. I have to admit I was a hard sell, but Tymm David wouldnft give up on me, followIng up with multiple calls until I decided to bite. First Hotline, then Swing and what has turned out to be my favorite, the Pay for Pick service.

After joining Hotline, I ordered your book, which was a good read and gave me some insight into your process. However at times your picks seem almost prescient, so I believe I will stick with Pay for Picks.

Tymm has been great at keeping in touch and always seems to be available to my emails and calls. Hefs great at explaining things and has been gteachingh me to take profits.

Charles, keep up the great work, it really makes a difference.


Dr. Bill Guyette

Stephen OConnor writes: - 8/10/2020
I hit the jackpot! I found Charles Payne and his approach to Unstoppable Prosperity. About a year ago, I heard about Charles and his program, I sent away for the book "Unstoppable Prosperity." I was not even through Chapter One when I received a call from Wall Street Strategies. A very enthusiastic and knowledgeable representative for Charles' program named Adam Friedland introduced himself and Charles' strategy to me. I eventually began to slowly learn the program as I had now read the book twice. I wanted to understand Charles' concepts completely. I agreed to try Hot Picks and wanted to see what kind of returns I could reasonably expect.
This was a tentative step but I figured I would eventually get my money back. I was skeptical of the return values that Charles and Adam were advertising. Boy was I wrong.

After a few months I moved on to Swing Strategies and finally to Payne's Perspective. With the skepticism gone, I was all in with the program. I am now in for one year with over 60 positions today and 56% return in my pocket. Did you hear me? I made 56% on my investments in one the most tumultuous years in the last 20 years.

I am considering retiring earlier than I had anticipated and I owe it all to Charles program and the guidance of Adam. Adam tutored me into spending about 30-40 minutes every day. I check the emails and texts for critical guidance each day. Adam calls me with each move to make sure I got what I needed for that day, that I understand the steps I have to take to ensure my path to ‘Unstoppable Prosperity. The insight and tutelage of talking with Adam everyday is the secret to the program. I am in the midst of a Doctorate Program that I did not know I had signed up for when I made that phone call.

Thank You Charles and Adam for the taking care of my future and the future of my family!!
You are the best.

Mike Woods writes: - 8/10/2020
Charlie's subtle portfolio shifts have me in a bit of awe.

And I'm pretty good at this game. Learned from William O'Neil for 10 years.


Jeff Walker writes: - 8/10/2020
I joined Charles Payne's hotline service in July of 2019. I am very glad that I did and I highly recommend their services.

Last year, my portfolio was not that big even though I'd been trading on my own for a number of years. I'd read Charles' book, Unstoppable Prosperity, and realized that I did not have the time to delve into companies like the Hotline folks do. As Lee, my rep in Charles' office, has said to me numerous times, fundamentals matter. He normally says this when he is congratulating me on sticking with a stock that saw some fluctuations and then went up and we sold for a nice profit.

It was nice knowing that Charles' folks were looking out for me during the drop in stocks during the COVID problems that we had earlier this year. Of course, a number of stocks fell and I wasn't worried in the least. I waited until Charles said sell before I made any move, most of the stocks came roaring back, plus we picked up some good new stocks during the dip, and again I made money with no panic.

One other added benefit of using Charles' service is I have been much more inclined to save money and invest it. My net worth has gone up considerably over the past year and I know that this would not have happened had I not pulled the trigger and joined their Hotline program.

Last thing that I will mention, I feel like a much more savvy investor because I read Charles' news letters every day. These are not the same stocks that you see on his show on Fox Business, and he spells out why we are buying, what we are looking to happen, and when we will sell.

If you like making money and learning a bit too, go ahead and join their service...if you buy when they say buy and sell when they say sell, there is just no way that you won't be writing a letter like this in the next few years.


- 8/6/2020

2:48 PM (1 hour ago)
to Tymm, Charles, Cherie, Daliah


You PPPs are making me rich!

My only regret is not starting sooner. OSTK, W, LVGO, WING, and who can forget JMIA!

Had me crying in my Cheerios! Switching to Wheaties next week.

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