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By Linda S Brzozowski - 11/4/2019
I like Charles and his analysis is almost always insightful and on target.

By Patrick Comer - 10/21/2019
Charles, you have an uncanny ability to see the big picture better than almost everyone else. Your comments on company malfeasance is right on. Sadly, I don't believe the bad actors will take your advise.

By MARC LUGASH - 9/13/2019
I'm not trying to blow smoke as I don't do that, but with that said I love reading your commentary Charles and I love watching you on FOX. Maintain the course, Sir, as you always seem to do when others are running for the exits and jumping out of buildings.

By Dick Nicholson - 8/30/2019
Charles, love your daily emails and your FBN show at 2PM. Your coverage of market sectors is very informative. I am an older investor (mainly ETF's). What do you think of the "factor based" investing approach?

By William Brown: - 8/27/2019
Great letter, Charles. You are spot on. Keep up the good work for Americans.
By Steve J. - 8/27/2019

Loved your open letter to the round table. Hope you get some takers on the invite to come on your show for an interview. I won't hold my breath!

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