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By Dawn Amor - 11/3/2022

God Bless you Mr. Charles Payne, you are a wonderful blessing!!!

I will take your advice anyday!!!

By Wayne Barbarick - 10/14/2022
Outstanding pick for my portfolio! Been with you for 2 months, and you are the BEST stock picker in the business. God Bless you and your wife on her tenth anniversary with a new heart!

By Ray Weldon: - 9/30/2022
Thanks for the insightful and profound commentary. You have the ability to glean from multiple data points to accurately assess the current situation impacting the markets to assist in developing a successful strategy. Thanks!

From Esther Bell: - 9/23/2022
I appreciate so much, Charles, your tireless work to keep us informed of all that's happening. I know you have a lot of late nights working and early morning risings to get it all done. Thank you!

Ken Keegan writes: - 9/20/2022
I love your analysis. In fact I get up at 7 AM just to look forward to reading it. I'm new to your premium service and cant wait for a buy recommendation. I dont necessarily understand all of your analysis, but I'm getting there. Thank you.

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