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By MARC LUGASH - 9/13/2019
I'm not trying to blow smoke as I don't do that, but with that said I love reading your commentary Charles and I love watching you on FOX. Maintain the course, Sir, as you always seem to do when others are running for the exits and jumping out of buildings.

By Dick Nicholson - 8/30/2019
Charles, love your daily emails and your FBN show at 2PM. Your coverage of market sectors is very informative. I am an older investor (mainly ETF's). What do you think of the "factor based" investing approach?

By William Brown: - 8/27/2019
Great letter, Charles. You are spot on. Keep up the good work for Americans.
By Steve J. - 8/27/2019

Loved your open letter to the round table. Hope you get some takers on the invite to come on your show for an interview. I won't hold my breath!

By Angelo Mancini - 7/11/2019
Charles, as usual you are the most clear-eyed of all. You always see the real picture and your explanations are spot on for clarity and vision. Thanks so much.
By Angelo Mancini - 7/3/2019
Charles, your comments are so worthy every day! Spot on and so much more pleasant and upbeat without all the wordy self-import stuffiness of the Economist. U R great!

By William Brown - 7/1/2019

I love your ideas and takes on what's happening in world economics and affairs. Keep up the excellent commentary, and I am glad you have the love of our country at heart.

By William L. Baumner III - 6/27/2019
Charles, you continue to be a very clear and valued thinker! Your appraisals of the macro view of the market and economy are most accurate. Too bad you are not Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

By Art Hajjarian: - 6/20/2019
Great analyses espacially with the summery I have chip stocks that has been hit hard with trade war with China, although I agree with the concepts of trade war, but needs negotiations and ending it soon.

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