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By Jan Blume - 6/24/2020
I am just learning how to navigate the site and take your advice! I am so thankful for Charles and my great coach Wes! Thanks! Praying for healing for America. Stay safe!

By Roscoe Hill: - 6/23/2020
Thank you once again for your insights they're right on point. I also thank you for your candor and humor. God bless, Roscoe

By George Bugatti - 6/12/2020
Sage and inspiring commentary. Also, your live piece today on the FOX News Network was inspiring especially for folks like me who are new to the marketplace. I have been 'blue', the past couple days as I watched the financial distress on the street reflected in my portfolio, however, as a subscriber, having you in my corner makes all the difference in believing we will pull out of this downturn. Thank you Charles Payne.

By Pam - 6/12/2020
Charles, with out you leading the way I would get totally lose. I give you 100% credit for any success I have in the market. Keep up the good work and great sense of humor. Loved Mighty Mouse, I smiled too.

By Lon Klock - 6/5/2020

How awesome it that the President mentioned your name that you got it right! You have got it right for me and I thank you!

By Olga N. - 6/4/2020
Love Charles Payne

By Olga N. - 6/4/2020
Love Charles Payne

By Joseph Koester; - 5/20/2020
I always enjoy your commentary and appearances on FBN, your the best.
Margo and Randy Rose wrote: - 5/20/2020

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, WSS and most specifically Charles for the amazing work you have all done on our behalf.

A quick back of the napkin calculation shows that from the depths of the covid19 drop in March when the Dow was at 18k, our portfolio was down 38%. Today, with the Dow at 24,500, our portfolio has come back to within 2% of it's all time high from back in January when the Dow was at 29k!

The astute observations Charles provides us each day with his Portfolio Approach has allowed us to learn more of the ins and outs of the stock market. Rather than just being passive with our monies and letting a broker invest in what pays him the most commission, by becoming knowledgeable and more aggressive with the Pay per Pick plan, we've taken charge of our future. Your hand holding, phone calls and emails have also contributed to our sense of control.

Please be sure to pass this note on to those who would be interested.

Thanks again,
Margo and Randy Rose

By Lon Klock - 5/4/2020
Charles, Thank you for your words of wisdom, I couldn't agree with you more. You and your family are in my prayers.

By Rod Anaforian: - 5/4/2020
Reasons why I am your customer:
Your steadfast belief in America, intelligence and honesty in response to the emotions of the market and your commitment to faith. You hold fast and care for your family - prayers are with you.

By Kim Marshall - 5/4/2020
Great summary.... keep it up.

By Veronica Kimball: - 5/4/2020
Charles Payne, you are an incredible financial analyst. Keep up the good word.

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