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Sherri F. writes: - 3/22/2023
I love all your recent commentary on the bank bailouts. You are spot on...and getting riled up. You're speaking for all of us unwillingly funding the bailout. Love it.
Lorin from Washington writes: - 3/1/2023
Great report on the true state of financial affairs in the USA Charles! So much good info! It's good to have some cash, thanks to your reports, we do! CDs aren't bad now at 4.5 for 4 years. Looking forward to watching and listening to " Making Money"
By Matt Mucci: - 2/22/2023
Thanks for the great words of wisdom Charles. My man is always on point. Keep up the flashy suit game and you'll be a legend of retail Wall Street for decades to come.

By William Hall: - 1/2/2023
Thanks for being the best of the best in 2022! Happy New

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