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Special Report: Five Investing Approaches You Must Know

By Charles Payne, CEO and Principal Analyst


I want to ask you a simple question: is your investment portfolio diversified?  You probably own a lot of mutual funds and different stocks and feel like you have all the bases covered.  Wrong.  There are many mistakes investors make in their quest for diversification, including not understanding and employing a strategy of diversification of approach.

My confidence in the increasing strength in the economy is the basis for my confidence in the stock market.  That said, there will be different drivers of the market and different investment themes.  We’ve already seen them play out in various ways in the current leg of the rally, and I believe this continues through 2018.

  •              Oversold (Value)
  •              Momentum
  •              Economic Proxies
  •              Safety
  •              Overly Shorted

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Charles Payne
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