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Morning Commentary

Stuck in the Bowels

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
7/11/2017 9:13 AM
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"Progress is being made, but poorly communicated, and the biggest issues, healthcare and tax reform remain stuck in the bowels of Washington politics."

The statement from the NFIB says it all- the world, including small business owners, continue to wait for D.C. to get its act together.  This, as there is fresh scuttlebutt of a potential bill hitting the floor on Thursday.  I think all those kind of announcements without follow through have made the issue worse, not better.

Think the Majority Leader who cried wolf.

Speaking of bark versus bite, the stock market rally has become more hound dog than greyhound these days, just watching the hazy days of summer and the lazy days in the Nation’s Capitol.

That all changes on Friday with earnings from big banks, but often during this stock market rally, break outs have happened without fresh or breaking headline news.

The real problem is the non leader of the senate Mitchell and the liberal (rino) leader of the house-both of these males need to stepdown and give real conservatives the leading control of GOP party and get President Trump's tax and healthcare agenda's done NOW!!!!! No vacay for these fools until the work is completed and as promised!!! PS. miss you on FBN-mad at them for allowing yet another snowflake lib from preventing a smart conservative give his viewpoint -FBN needs to "grow a pair" and stop this clearly political female from keeping you off FBN!!!!

charlotte duncan on 7/11/2017 12:02:38 PM
I grew up in the Bronx, I have been going to Harlem since I was a teenager, now 74, retired and living in Scottsdale, Az. I have been watching you and your show going back to the Glenn Beck days where I first saw you. I have watched you very attentively when ever I can, from Varney, to Cavuto, to all the FBN shows you appear on. I am a loyal listener, viewer of yours and I subscribe to your daily market analysis.
And I love your collection of cufflings!
You are the reason I watch "making $$$ with CP" daily. I respect and trust you, you are my North Star. I recommend you to all my family and friends or to anyone asking me for advice on the market. I am still an advisor and business man, ALWAYS
I have made $$$ thru you, you are the only voice I trust, and I love Payne
'S Passion, the segment and also when you throw a fit, you are truth, energy, passion, and a voice to be heard and listened to, same as Tammy Bruce has said.
When I read this latest piece of crap, and seeing Sandra Smith in the photo with you, I find very disturbing that FOX has this power to influence people of high regard like you and just the picture with Sandra was very misleading.
I am an old tough guy from NY, I know your background, similar to mine, you did it on your own with common sense and guts, energy passion, always a smile and a good attitude, and you don't deserve or need this crap from FOX or anyone. This protocall is like PC, it is obstructionism.

I took your daily show off my DVR series and it will remain off until you get an apology from FOX (the hell with PC), and you decide to return to FOX.

I believe and urge all your viewers to do same, and your friends at FOX I would expect them to openly back you. REGARDLESS
Where I come from, "we don't RAT" and will always cover our friend's back, always!

I watch certain FOX shows only because I enjoy and respect the anchor, not the show itself.
And without you, daily, I have no need or desire to view YOUR SHOW!

Neil Feuer on 7/11/2017 12:50:13 PM
President Reagan's description of the soviet union as being "An evil empire" seems very apt to the Washington left wing elites and their media, who behaviorally have no decency, manners, or desire for truth, and are highly malicious in their shrouded intollerance of any one who does not have their views. They want absolute, control, power, and money at any cost. Since it is their "the love of money that is the root of all evil", that makes them the real enemy that the citizenry should be protected from.

William L. Baumner III on 7/11/2017 1:48:35 PM
Fox Business will lose many viewers by canceling you! I do not know if the absence is temporary or not. I look forward to your return!!!!

MORRIS BRILL on 7/12/2017 11:34:33 AM

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