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Payne's Perspective: September 11, 2023: Never Forget

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

My dream as a teenager was to work downtown on Wall Street. It was all about the hustle and excitement of the world's financial center. Getting off the subway train at the Wall Street stop provided an instant adrenaline spike.

I loved it.

And there was no better symbol for those go-go days than the World Trade Center. They were living up to the hype from the moment they were erected. I saw them just about every day, as my gym was only two blocks away.

Then, one day, they were gone. The masterminds behind the dastardly act figured once those towers e fell, so, too, would the American spirit.

On the contrary, it galvanized our determination as a nation. It sparked a wave of unity many thought impossible. That unity has faded away. And the American spirit is fractured, but no cowardly act will ever defeat America.

We will never forget.

Last Week

It was a tough week, but why it was challenging is more important than the outcome. Let's begin with the big picture.

As has often been the case this year, only a few tiny foxholes provided shelter last week. For the S&P 500, it was Energy (XLE) and Utilities (XLU). While the former has been on everyone’s radar this year, last week was the most chatter and enthusiasm I’ve heard for Utilities in years.

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Charles Payne
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