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Payne's Perspective: February 27, 2023: Any Landing At This Point

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

It was another tough week for the market, as economic data continues to come in above the consensus, adding fuel to the hard landing camp. But, of course, this is all about the discretion of the Federal Reserve and its desire to bring inflation to its knees, even if it means bringing the economy to its knees, too.

But there is an alternative applying just enough pressure to get inflation to tap out before the economy blacks out. I sincerely think this is what Jay Powell & Co. want to achieve, even though history gives them the green light for destruction.

Even though the market took it on the chin for the week, it could have been a worse outcome in many ways, which is a reason for optimism. Speaking of which, Warren Buffett released his annual letter, and it’s a must-read (excerpts later)

Let’s look at where we are and the possible path for the upcoming week, month, and year(s).

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Charles Payne
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