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The Dividend Report - February 2022

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

Last year, the tone of the stock market became guarded when the ten-year yield spiked in February and March, and it wasn’t long after a lot of folks began a quest for steady dividend payers and a sense of safety.

The move paid off nicely as growth and value fought a tug-of-war that saw what at one point became of a mindless rotation that saw no real winners unless you were counting by days instead of months and years (how to really judge). Then, with Congressional threats to go after buybacks fading and hopes for the so-called Build Back Better (BBB) bill, corporations began to up the ante on buybacks.

I have noticed, however, that more are trying to return capital via higher dividend payouts. The news of higher dividends is also a better sign of strength and confidence from the C-suite than nebulous buyback promises. With this in mind, the usual dividend payers or aristocrats are still a good source to find opportunity but remember this is about total return; this report will seek upcoming names that could be the aristocrats of the future.  

To read the full report, contact your account representative or email Research@wstreet.com

Charles Payne
Wall Street Strategies


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