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Payne's Perspective: January 31, 2022: Peter's Picture

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

At one point during last Monday’s session, I’m sure everyone in the media was dusting off pictures of Peter Tuchman, the NYSE floor trader who is also known as the most photographed man on Wall Street. His expressions are priceless, especially when reflecting the agony of a market in peril.

The one constant when it comes to the stock market and the media is that it’s always in peril. I cannot recall ever seeing the front page of a local newspaper with a smiling Mitch and a headline saying, ‘Market Enjoys Record Session and keeps 200 Years of Upward Bias Alive.’ On the contrary, even when the market is making new highs, the message is mostly about doom around the corner. Bears that have been wrong for years still get to strut in front of the cameras and make yet another prediction of a market that will look like the final chapters of “Inferno.”

So, when the wheels come off, they get double the screen time and the overarching message is – I told you so! 

Here’s the deal, I also told you so, but I also told you no matter the peril, the market eventually finds its footing and  marches to new all-time highs. It’s against this backdrop where you must remain calm and collected. Smart action does involve some actual pain of taking a few hits, raising cash to be prepared for the payoff – the eventual rebound.

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Charles Payne
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