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Payne's Perspective: September 20, 2021: Unavoidable Inflation

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

Suddenly, the malaise I’ve been talking about for weeks has rolled from a snowball into a boulder, impacting Wall Street and Main Street.

The good news is feelings ebb and flow for various reasons as they do not have to become destiny. In fact, they rarely come to fruition when it comes to the stock market.

Be that as it may, things don’t feel right, making it easier to miss what’s working as well as opportunities. It is one of the toughest elements to successful long-term investing.

In this perspective, we will look at the extent of the malaise, its sources, and what we might be missing that could make a tangible difference in our lives and investments. But, of course, any short period of action in the market also reflects the thinking/emotions of millions of people. And a lot of computer programs can have exaggerated impacts on the skewed value propositions.

The emotional tide has turned, but the rally didn’t come unglued. And yet, the tug-of-war continues.

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Charles Payne
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