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Payne's Perspective: November 30, 2020: Braiding Unity

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

There is an old saying, “no guts, no glory.”  The saying describes everything from military battles to sporting events and even marriage. 

Another related term is “gutting it out,” which means to fight against odds, to ignore outcomes, and remain determined to suffer, but never quit.

In the age of Covid-19, these terms certainly apply to the world in 2020. However, there have been different approaches to dealing with the pandemic. And they will be championed and lionized - as well as ridiculed and scorned throughout history.

For me, it has become important to keep fighting the virus-like fighting a war. And understanding there are so many ways to lose beyond battles fought on the fields. The pain and suffering that comes from abject poverty and long-term hopelessness makes the notion of simply ‘hiding out until the coast is clear’ a non-starter.

“Gutting it out” is the only option for the world when it comes to fighting Covid-19. There is an alternative that goes against the ethos of most Westerner nations, which puts premiums on individual rights as a curb to authoritarian rule.

It is something Americans cherish more than any nation on the planet. And it is why Americans vaulted to the top and became the world’s number one in economics, military power, and a beacon of hope that still resonates around the globe.


Also, “gutting it out” doesn’t mean one has to be dumb or reckless. It does, however, mean facing enhanced risks and understanding what comes with those risks, and what happens on the other side when the challenge has faded.


How are we positioned when the dust settles?  “Gutting it out” is the only way to make sure survivors are not doomed in so many other ways, including premature deaths, poverty, and vanquished hopes. 

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Charles Payne
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