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Payne's Perspective: March 16, 2020: Quiet Earth

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

Last week, I wrote about the movie High Noon, where one man stood alone in a town, cowering in fear of four bad guys with evil intentions. Now, scenes of deserted streets, empty sports arenas, and closed restaurants feel more like dystopian books and films of the world's future. It's a recurring theme of mankind's misadventures into science for gaining power, which is always a constant. 

The 1985 cult favorite The Quiet Earth, is an example of such folly that leaves the earth bare of humans. It's reaching beyond our lane in the pecking order of existence by splitting the wrong atom or binding the wrong chromosomes to unleash our demise.

I believe the coronavirus crisis could have played out differently. However, there were influences designed to enhance fear and to foster greater hysteria. For a fair amount of time, people evaded those traps until they didn't.  Now, each case reverberates loudly as every governmental action brings the virus closer to our daily lives, even those that will never be impacted or the 80% that are infected but hardly even notice. Initial coverage was mostly in financial media, as the main worry was the interruption of the China-rooted supply chain.

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Charles Payne
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