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Let's Talk About Living

By Charles V. Payne

According to a recent Harvard study of our daily activities (thoughts and feelings), we are happiest when we live in the moment and unhappy when we are at work, resting, or using a home computer. 

Reminiscing, thinking ahead and daydreaming makes us miserable even if we are thinking about something pleasant.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have all entered what millennials call YOLO: you only live once, which means we live for experiences. This mentality is having a profound effect on the economy and the stock market. 

By the way, the Harvard study dovetails with a survey from the Fed back in 2010. Studies showed a profound twist in ways we saved money with the onus on buying stuff, giving up on education, retirement, and owning a home.

This trend will persist for some time even as the nation’s economic footing improves. 

This means we are going to continue to play video games, go to amusement parks, and ride our motorcycles and jet skis. When we decide on vacations, we just might go on a cruise.

Year-to-date winners from all this living in the moment:

·        Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) +43%

·        Carnival Corp. (CCL) +27%

·        Cedar Fair, L. P. (FUN) +11%

While on the subject of Millennials, 63% save money to live their desired lifestyle; many are into small recreational vehicles, and it reflects their actions in two of the biggest names in the industry for the month of June:

·        Thor Industries (THO) +14%

·        Winnebago Industries (WGO) +37%

Heck, maybe it’s all an anecdote to the dreary backdrop of anger and loathing that’s gripping this nation. For that reason, I think investors can buy any of the above names; partly because, well, you only live once. 




Charles Payne
Wall Street Strategies


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