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Consumers & Businesses Lead Charge
4/19/2018 - It was a more difficult day on Wednesday for the market as IBM held the Dow Jones Industrial Average back from what would have been a positive session that was enjoyed by other large equity indices. 

The consumer continues to play a major theme in this leg of the market rally, a point underscored by New York Fed President William Dudley, who commented on a recent lull in consumer spending as a one-off, an observation echoed in yesterday’s Fed Beige Book report where most d... MORE

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Larry Kudlow replacing Gary Cohn as President Trump's economic adviser in the role of the National Economic Council (NEC) director is big news.

How confident are you with his ability to help "Make America Great Again" and then "Keep America Great"?

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Observations of a concerned public

By Brian Feinstein - 3/9/2018
Great Job Charles!

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