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Afternoon Note

Buy the Rumor…Sell the News

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
7/27/2021 1:17 PM

It’s one of the oldest cliches in investing, but often happens in real life, and not just on scuttlebutt.  The anticlimactic reaction to good news, including earnings, can be very frustrating.  

Earnings are the mother’s milk of valuations – it ultimately dictates where stocks and markets go.  But there is the moment of truth when selling greets great news.  This has been the case more in recent years than the past. 

Sometimes, it’s a sense this is as good as it gets.  But even when management alerts investors to stronger forward-looking guidance, the knee-jerk reaction is selling. 

That’s where we are right now.  Consequently, it’s the NASDAQ taking the biggest hit of major equity indices after Tesla (TSLA) initially rallied on a solid report, but then turned lower. 

Pulling back and spying a one-year chart, the move seems so infinitesimal, but when you are in the midst of the battle, it feels like there is no benefit of a more sober view.   For now, NASDAQ could come down a lot more until hitting and testing 14,419.   I don’t think that happens, but it’s not a long shot. 

After the Close: More earnings results from some of the largest companies in the world.

Oh well, " Oh dear what can the matter be, Oh dear what can the matter be, oh dear what can the matter be what can the matter be now?" We're good Charles. We'll ride it out!

Lorin K on 7/27/2021 7:02:20 PM

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