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Payne's Perspective: September 6, 2022: Brewing Slowdown

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analys

It was a difficult week, topped by a failed rally attempt on Friday, underscoring just how powerful the downside pull is in the market. As a result, the Fed guessing game has shifted to the notion of a group so hawkish that they are now ready to accept significant economic destruction to prove they are up to the task. 

Major indices took it on the chin even as oil retreated – this has been a counter-positive that has helped the market rally this summer.
Treasuries yields and the strong dollar proved to be a powerful one-two punch pressuring the stock market, especially multinationals and growth.

Key pivotal points that marked the turn may come into play again very soon. 

To read the full report contact your account executive or email Research@wstreet.com. 

Charles Payne
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