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Payne's Perspective: March 28, 2022: I'm Even More Pumped

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

It was a wonderful week for the stock market, which has found ways to rally over the last couple of weeks that continue to confound the experts and the old-school playbook.

We also continue to see the influence of retail investors returning from the sidelines and a lot of new accounts buying Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN). Conversely, big-box retailers are among the biggest decliners.

I’m pumped about this market. I hope you have made it through this period without moves you regret.  That’s not the same as wishing you were in a hot sector or stock – I’m talking about selling stocks simply out of fear and frustration when the underlying fundamentals are strong.

I received a difficult letter from a subscriber that took $30,000 in losses from listening to the panic of talking heads on TV. He admitted I was a lone voice saying ‘to hold.’  He is a retired vet, and it breaks my heart to see him, and others learn this the hard way.

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Charles Payne
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