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Payne's Perspective: January 10, 2022: Adversity Then Cheers

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

First, I want to thank everyone that listened to my 2022 Town Hall: The Future of Capitalism on Saturday. There were a lot of great questions and real concerns. I began the presentation with a picture of the Minions looking up, mostly in fear and confusion, as a representation of the mood among investors. 

it feels as though a comet is rapidly approaching, and the end will not be pretty. So, it’s sort of ironic that right now, the hottest movie on Netflix is “Don’t Look Up” about the planet’s demise from a giant comet. The movie is political satire, although not as clever as Aristophanes, Ben Franklin, or Will Rogers (the list is actually much longer). However, it does try to send a message about the urgency many see to address climate change and overall political division in the United States. 

I think we are making huge economic mistakes trying to address climate change that is making everyday life miserable, but unlike the movie, when it comes to the stock market, jeers evenly turn to cheers. 

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Charles Payne
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