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Payne's Perspective: April 26, 2021: ...And The Band Played On

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst


The above lyrics are from the classic Temptations’ hit “Ball of Confusion” has always been relevant, but I think the entire song is the perfect anthem or theme song for 2021.

There are increasing social issues that are dominating headlines and influencing policy, including economies.

I’m worried about ideas being promoted to help will make so many challenging aspects of society more entrenched and expensive without curing the issue(s). Making the ultra-wealthy and “Wall Street” the villain might help to get some of these ideas to pass, but it would push prosperity further from the reach of Americans.

It is still a $21 trillion economy with amazing businesses, and I want you to own and manage them in an active portfolio. This opportunity is a blessing, and I hope the ideology of an easier, fairer way to have the same prosperity won’t be put into action. It would be a disaster.

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Charles Payne
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