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Payne's Perspective: April 6, 2020: Liberty & Prosperity

By Charles Payne CEO & Principal Analyst

I was sitting at home (naturally) talking to my wife while casually listening to the television. On the screen was New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. His daily press briefings don’t get the national attention that Andrew Cuomo has enjoyed with his daily briefs on the COVID-19 (coronavirus), and the impact on the state of New York. But in the tri-state area, all the local networks carry Murphy’s briefings. 

In some ways, New Jersey has been hit harder than New York but has received little fanfare or national sympathy.

The folks of the state don’t mind being in the shadow of New York. It’s been like that forever. Perhaps that’s why the state is known for its toughness and spunk that thrives on being the underdog that wears a chip on its shoulder with pride. As I glanced at the television, I noticed something I’d never paid attention to before - the official New Jersey state motto.

Liberty and Prosperity

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Charles Payne
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