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By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst

So many of you have been on my website for years. I’m talking ten or fifteen years, and we’re still kicking the tires. Some put in false phone numbers, so we could never contact them directly, while others keep saying ‘not yet’.  I’ve been on Wall Street since 1985. I get it more than you know. However, it’s nuts to keep missing out on the greatest money-making machine in history.

It’s also nuts to try to navigate the market using free information, your gut, or approaches that don’t investigate fundamentals and factual trends.

I have always offered a free consultation with our representatives to discuss your goals, methods, and risk tolerance. I’m redoubling my effort to reach everyone, and I am sweetening the no-strings-attached offer. Ultimately, even if the most I can convince folks to buy is a bunch of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) over a period of years, that would be better than this wait-and-see-and-miss approach that so many folks have found themselves in. 

charles-payne.pngLet’s Talk Today.

Why not try my premium services free of charge for 7 days?

 No credit card is required. Just set up your login (if you don’t have one). You can choose the service that suits your investing temperament and goals. I realize most investors aren’t sure or have multiple objectives. 

In that case, make sure to note you would like to speak to one of my representatives.

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Charles Payne
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