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Special 2018 Sector Review

By Charles Payne, Principal Analyst & CEO

Just when it looked like the market would drift into the weekend satisfied with a great year and ready to reboot after the New Year, buyers made their move. After one o’clock they started to nibble, but it became a feeding frenzy in the closing minutes of trading.  The action lifted the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its 71st record close of the year.  

Buyers were looking to get in front of a potential rush as stock gains seem poised to continue into 2018.  There are a lot of economic reasons to remain bullish including today’s Chicago PMI report. The report is the best since March 2011, driven by production, which surged to the highest level in 34 years. 

The question now is where investors can find value.  There are three approaches that will also pique investor interest. ...click here to continue reading this special report 

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Charles Payne
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