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Charles Payne's Common Sense Monthly Newsletter
Charles Payne's Common Sense Newsletter is designed for the long-term investor with a six to twelve month time horizon. The Common Sense Newsletter is issued monthly and contains at least two stock opportunities along with in-depth commentary, which provides fresh insight into the market environment.

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  • $49 per quarter
  • $159 per year

If you are not satisfied just let us know within the first 30 days, and you will receive a a full refund of your introductory subscription.

My name is Charles Payne. I'm the CEO of Wall Street Strategies, Inc., an independent stock research company and editor of the investment newsletter Common Sense. You may have seen me on FOX TV or heard me on the radio, commenting on the economy and giving my investment recommendations.

Although the news isn't always great, I believe it's possible to find stocks that can give you profits of 100%, 250% - or even more.

No matter what you think about a market that hinges on a dysfunctional government, anti-business regulations, fruitless interventions and rising taxes ...you can still make big money.

You see, there are little-known bargain stocks out there that can generate huge returns if you get in ahead of the crowd - stocks that can double or triple your profits in less than 2 years.

And despite what Obama, Geithner and Bernanke are doing to the economy, I believe now is the time to invest in low-cost stocks - especially if you'd like to make back what you lost in the 2008-2009 crash and recession.

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Over the past 18 years, my subscribers and clients have made a killing by taking profitable advantage of my proprietary stock selection system. To uncover winning stocks, I focus on the 7 critical factors that make up my 7-PLUS stock selection system. They are:
  1. Industry growth potential
  2. Experienced management
  3. Explosive product
  4. Established or fast-growing sales
  5. Undiscovered by the masses
  6. Takeover potential
  7. Low-priced stock
If a stock meets all of these criteria, I believe it has the ability to produce substantial profits that can outperform the market for investors, usually in 18 - 24 months.

Our newsletter recommendations will enhance any portfolio. These ideas are often strong out of the gate and continue to perform over the long-term.

Charles Payne's Common Sense Newsletter is published the first week of each month. Signup now!

My 100% Money-Back No-Nonsense Guarantee

No matter what subscription term you choose, there's absolutely no risk to you. That's because Common Sense comes with my 100% Money-Back, No-Nonsense Guarantee:

If you're not fully satisfied for any reason, you can cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund - no questions, no hassles.

Charles Payne
Charles Payne
Editor and Publisher
Charles Payne's Common Sense Newsletter




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