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The Unstoppable Optimism of Charles Payne

By Rick Schultz from Barrett News Media

Payne is an unabashed champion of American prosperity. He has been a leading voice this year, promoting both the pre and post-pandemic economic boom, which has brought opportunity for citizens across the economic spectrum.

As a champion of the little guy, Payne is the epitome of the American dream, rising from poverty to success over the course of his life. His recent book, Unstoppable Prosperity, is a how-to for readers wanting to learn his philosophy of picking stocks. Through his on-air work, Payne has developed a bond with his audience based, first and foremost, on his unending optimism.

“My success has been built from my strong work ethic, augmented with fiscal discipline and investing,” Payne says in the book. “I never let being poor hold me back from acting on my dreams so I plunged into the stock market as a teenager.”

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