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Jeb Bush promises 15 million fewer people will pay federal taxes under his plan and now Donald Trump says 30 million more people will not pay tax under his plan bringing the total to 75 million people that will pay no federal taxes.

I think all Americans should have skin in the game for several reasons, the least of which is to avoid an entitlement mentality.

Tell me your thoughts?

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LacklusterÖFor Now
10/8/2015 - The market continues its amazing resolve but itís also still trading in a range and still seeking a catalyst to get a sustained move that would push the naysayers in a corner. The debate is what such a catalyst would look like. I say it would be good news- period. There is a debate over what is good news. I would say itís not 140,000 jobs and zero wage growth. Imagine, I was actually dissing 200,000 jobs as being mediocre, and last month, we didnít even come close.

Iím intrigued with... MORE

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Observations of a concerned public

Morris Pasculli writes:
Charles I love your show on FOX

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Warren Buffett has called the oil rout over and has put his money where his hunch is. Charles has a few hunches too, and thinks there will be a fortune made for long term investors.

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