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Question of the Week

The improbabilities of Hillary Clinton

What is harder to believe?

Hillary turned $1,000 into $100,000 in just one year of playing cattle futures.

Secretary of State could transmit 300,000 emails from private server and none would be classified.

Hillary could win 6 out of 6 coin flips (probability is 1.56%).

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Charles Payne's Market Commentary
Bad News is Good News
2/10/2016 - Despite midday swoon in oil prices that saw West Texas

Intermediate (WTI) dip down to $27.96, equities showed a

tremendous amount of spunk. Stocks tumbled out of the
into total free-fall before staging an impressive
Then, stocks took another hit to the gut- this
one, courtesy
of the JOLTs report that showed record job
openings and a
spike in job quitters in key industries.... MORE

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Reagan's Gambit
On January 5, 1980, Ronald Reagan decided to skip the Iowa GOP primary debate. Much is being made of the fact that he went on to win the whole ball of wax with one the most decisive victories in presidential election history. Read more.

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William Brown writes:
Charles - Your first sentence of this article is great and could be the start of a fantastic book. You need to write a book about you, your life and investing :)

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Warren Buffett has called the oil rout over and has put his money where his hunch is. Charles has a few hunches too, and thinks there will be a fortune made for long term investors.

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