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Brent from California writes:
I'm completely broke in California. I would like to place my nomination for Charles Payne for President of the United States or better yet Governer of California. Hey Charles.... please take charge and fix this mess out here.
Jeff in Missouri writes
Hi Charles
Your the only one keeping me from jumping off a cliff!

I'm watching you on Fox (as I always do) and your keeping your cool so well. You look like there isn't a problem in the world.

Been buying on your dip recommendations and yet it still goes down over the last several days/weeks. Is this ever gonna end?!!
I need some of what your drinking, that's for sure....

Please tell me everything is going to be alright......LOL!!

From Charles:

I honestly believe we are at a shakeout point and very much oversold...these things are tough, but I see a snap-back that while not taking us all the way back initially, will react calmly....unfortunately my concern is how many people will take losses they regret later. I'm very confident, yet acknowledge its a scary time.

Maury T writes
Charles, You are right on. Theirs is always another way to skin a cat or work around rules.The little people like us just have to make sure we find away to
make the market work for us. I think the market is not stacked in our favor but in favor of the big guys. That being said nobody said that life is fair except those leftist who think they no better then we as individuals do. I love the way you think. Maury

Karen of Troy, TX wrrites
Charles is the smartest guy on the block but also the most decent. I enjoy watching and listening to him any time. I wish he would take a little time to talk about his personal story....very inspirational.
Karen C
Troy, TX

Helen of Chain, SC writes
I just finished watching the Saturday financial program which Mr. Payne is on and I just wanted to write to him (don't know if he'll ever see it) to say that every time I see him on TV I just think of the little black boy with his brief case and what an incredibly wonderful role model he is for the poor children (black or white). It is so neat to see somebody who has really made it ... and did it the hard way - incredibly hard work!

May God bless you, your family and your business.

Helen A
Chapin, SC

John B writes:
Hello Charles,

"I watch you every day in your regular slot with Stu and your other cameo spots. Just now you pointed out that as currently configured we draw multiples of our contribution to Social Security. True. After paying in over a 45 year period, they call that interest. Yes I know the money isn't invested. I know we live longer. I also know that the tax started as 2% and now is 12. But when we started SSI it didn't include 'crazy checks' or payments to illegal aliens. What financial adviser would advocate for a retirement program that required 12% and paid so little. With what I paid in over so many years, I should be living like a Saudi prince! Reform should limit payments to those who made contributions. The money should be invested beyond the reach of corrupt politicians or the program should be ended. With so much of our income stolen we are less able to invest with Charles."

Your Great Fan,
Jon B

Charles response:
Jon great points and I know its a ton of money if you live to 85 would you get back more than you put it? The fact is they've over promised, raid the fund a long time ago and never thought they would have to pay out money....when it began men lived less than 60 years and women less than 65- a scam.

Thanks so much for the input and lets hash this out. CP

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