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Walter in Michigan writes:
Charles- Thank you for the insight from a law and order guy, we need more of this kind of insight.
Kevin from Texas writes:
You're spot on with your comment concerning young Americans need to UNDERSTAND America is the greatest nation on the planet and what it took for us to earn that title. It saddens me to see they would rather go down the easier path of mediocrity than continue the much tougher fight of sustaining the nation's position of greatness. I do appreciate your efforts to educate all folks (young & old) on this matter via your platform.
Joan from Yukon, Oklahoma writes:
When I watched Baltimore I said to my daughter how I wished that Charles Payne and other successful, influential, personalities could reach all these individuals with their stories and genuineness. Now you have made this outstanding gesture! God bless you and your family.
Harold C writes:
That's why we love you Charles tell em how it is work of any kind eventually gets it done. If you don't work, it never gets done.
Joe and Beth from California write:
Thanks so much for the update.
FYI-we watch your show every afternoon. We love it!

Richard in California writes:
Customer posted comment on Market Commentary:
Ditto Frank's comment. Well done analysis bordering on brilliant. Our State Department should be reading this. ...

Frank from Michigan writes:
Customer posted comment on Market Commentary:

Brilliant analysis, as usual....

Thomas from Florida writes:
Charles, AWESOME A.M. NOTE YOU SENT OUT, Here is a perfect example why you dont have to buy multiple shares to profit.....7 shares of biib have earned over 30% in just 6 months.

Raymond from New York writes:
GREAT commentary on the merits of long term investing...
Ron writes:
Enjoy watching your show each night!!

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