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Norm L. writes
Just want Charles to know my wife and I are fans. Please let him know we enjoy watching him on Fox . Glad to see the good training he received while in our Air Force has served him well . I want to thank him for his service to our Country and congratulate him on his very successful career.

Thank you

Lt General U S Air Force retired

Joe from Pennsylvania wrrites:
I did receive a windfall and my wife and I chose to invest it. Had a pretty steep learning curve, but then I signed up with CVP (Charles Payne)- no regrets!
Donal from Florida writes:
Always enjoy your comentary & TV.

Rodman from Texas writes:
Your comments should be required reading for all members of congress. Especially the bit about lack of political will and smart fiscal policy.
Gene from California writes:
I'm protecting my portfolio by following the investment advice of Charles Payne. I'm gonna ride that horse thru the finish line!!!!

Karin writes:
Love your personality, your show and your desire to help.

Have a good one and enjoy a few!

Harruet A writes:
Dear Charles,
I love your program! Happy New Year to you and your family! May we all have a prosperous New Year!

Richard B.
Charles, what a great 2014! May you and yours have a greater/prosperous/blessed 2015. Whenever I see you on TV I know we are going to get Quality and Honesty! I monitored and got to know your program this year and plan to execute fully with it next year. I'm really anxious to hear your energy recommendations for 2015!
Joe B. writes:
Charles wish you and your brother the best in 2015 watch your show religiously and try to follow your advice.
Pete writes:
Thank you for all that you do in trying to help others--not just in finances but also in life.

May you have a great 2015. (I like the "God Bless" at the end of your message.)



Matt C writes:
Dear Charles,
Thank you for all you HONEST and insightful knowledge of the investing world, and things "outside" of the box that have an impact on our financial successes and failures. I will continue to be a loyal follower of you heading into 2015. May you and yours have a safe and Happy New Year.

John C. writes:
Charles, your show and your comments are absolutely the best. I am a huge fan. Looking forward to your interesting and insightful comments in 2015.
Neil writes:
Charles, Just wanted to wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy and Successful NY.
I am one of your subscribers, been following you for the past 5 years, even going back to the Glenn Beck days.

Your work ethics, your PASSION should serve everyone (NOT JUST THE BLACK COMMUNITY, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how you read something new daily.

I am Bronx born, lived in Manhattan most of my life, quite familiar with where you were raised and how it was in Harlem growing up. I've been there and had my own good and bad times.

RUN YOUR RACE, is my favorite motto and I live it, I teach it to my grandchildren constantly.


So, thanks for your daily intelligence, gut feeling, stock tips, knowledge and BEING YOU!!!!!

Your friend


Marie C writes:
Thank you for your insights over the years...and for your willingness to say what others will not! Your stock picks are a plus. A Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year to you and your family.
Mike B writes:
Charles-You are a wonderful example of how folks can overcome tough life situations and realize ones dreams with hard work, education, persistence, and never give up attitude. I'm you are an inspiration to many. Your ideas and direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you due to help folks make money. God Bless.

Gary w writes:
Thank you for another great year, Merry Christmas,


James writes:
I want to wish you and your wonderful family a Happy Holiday Season! You are a terrific and knowledgeable stock analyst and I appreciate your stock suggestions. You are a winner

Tom writes:
Sir, just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your daily posts. Very informative and entertaining. Thanks, Tom
Ken G writes:
Thanks to your panel for staying so level headed during last weeks
big drop, I made beaucoup money the last 2 days by just staying
in stocks, like you and your guests suggested.

Albert S. writes:
Love your show!!!!!

Bellaire writes:
Thanks for helping me make some honey!
Merry Christmas

On December 18, Karin in Texas writes:
Charles, this morning report is one of the best you sent out lately...every darn word I agree with.

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