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Dike Nicholson writes:
Thank you, Charles, for defending freedom and capitalism. Not PC these days. I hope the Pope knows that the US is the world's largest charitable giver by a large margin.

Nike Brohm writes:
Great insight Charles. Thank you for seeing through the haze of PC and having the boldness to address the reality of the Popes comments and sentiments. Sometimes its hard not to agree with Thomas Sowell that we are beyond the point of no return.

Dave from New Mexico writes:
Mr. Payne, well said. While there are a handful of bad people who give capitalism a bad name, there are thousands like yourself who have a spirit of excellence and a moral compass guiding them to make this world a better place. It is sad to see the microwave people (those who want instant success without hard work) and they think socialism is the answer.
Keep up the good work.

Michael Burgio writes:
Charlie you're a good man

Linda Krieger in North Carolina writes:
Mr. Payne,

Thank you, very much for your honesty. I have been told that the interest rates are going up September 16 and the banks will not be able to support this increase and that the banks are going to crash. I have been told to take most of my money out of saving and cash in all my 401k, we are in 60's and have cashed out, but about our saving in the bank will it be safe.

Also that our money will be no more as of October or as late as spring we will have a total cashless country.

I really would like to know what you think on this matter. I think what our President has done and the Dems is very bad for our country. Not to speak of the Iran.

I am a housewife and we have worked hard all our lives. My husband and sons were all and in the military. We love our country.

Thank you

Karen Harrison writes:
Charles. I love your show. I would like to see Dr. Carlson on your show.


Shelley K. writes:
Long-time watcher.
Long-time admirer of Charles and his eloquence.

John Taulbee writes:
Charles, You are definitely a person I listen to carefully. Thank you!

John Parnell writes:
Charles, there are some scary smart people on FBN and you're one of 'em.
Long live Prince Charles!

Morris Pasculli writes:
Charles I love your show on FOX

Bill Lackey writes:
Mr. Payne you are awesome. I have followed your suggestions for about a year and you are the best. By following you advise I am doing very well, and pleased with the results. Looking forward to a good retirement.
Bill Wanamaker writes:
Charles, you have proven yourself a leader because of your steady, sound minded analysis and you tell it like it is. Trump needs to tap you for Secy. of Commerce or Treasury, your pick! But we would lose you from TV and this venue. So I say, Trump forms a Prosperity Council with you and similar sane people on it.
Sally Lumpkin writes:
You are fabulous. Thank you for being in the public eye and so easy to access.

Stan V. writes:
Thank you sir....you are a lighthouse in a sea of uncertainty. The market has become a casino for many who suffer from severe lack of patience and control.

J. Crouse writes:
Charles, any chance you might run for president?

Dave G. Writes:
Keep telling it like it is, Charles, politics and market. They are connected.
Dave W. writes:
Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell... and Charles Payne. Thank you for your common sense explanations reminding us that "There is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH!"

Guy W. writes:
You do GREAT work and I wish you still on Fox/B in the AM.
By Guy

Al from Connecticut writes:
Great article Charles. As a Hartford resident we watched Vin Baker play for the University of Hartford. My heart breaks for the young man that signed my sons program 25 years ago. The team visited our grammar school to encourage the youngsters to be good students. I am glad he is able to turn himself around. Some do not get a second chance.

Larry D. writes:
I've been following your shows for a few years... You are a patriot..Thanks for making entertaining and solid remarks about our economy, our country and our nation..Keep it up.. Good Job,Mr.Payne.....
By Larry

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