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Thomas from Florida writes:
Charles, AWESOME A.M. NOTE YOU SENT OUT, Here is a perfect example why you dont have to buy multiple shares to profit.....7 shares of biib have earned over 30% in just 6 months.

Raymond from New York writes:
GREAT commentary on the merits of long term investing...
Ron writes:
Enjoy watching your show each night!!
Norm L. writes
Just want Charles to know my wife and I are fans. Please let him know we enjoy watching him on Fox . Glad to see the good training he received while in our Air Force has served him well . I want to thank him for his service to our Country and congratulate him on his very successful career.

Thank you

Lt General U S Air Force retired

Joe from Pennsylvania wrrites:
I did receive a windfall and my wife and I chose to invest it. Had a pretty steep learning curve, but then I signed up with CVP (Charles Payne)- no regrets!
Donal from Florida writes:
Always enjoy your comentary & TV.

Rodman from Texas writes:
Your comments should be required reading for all members of congress. Especially the bit about lack of political will and smart fiscal policy.

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