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Al M. writes:

What impressed me was that you took courses when you were in the Air Force and as you said, how many of your cohorts took courses? Zero.

They could have done it.

The Air Force had all KINDS of educational opportunities.

Doug writes:
Charles- thanks for putting some sense and perspective around the present market conditions. I always look forward to your daily comments.
William Brown writes:
Charles - Your first sentence of this article is great and could be the start of a fantastic book. You need to write a book about you, your life and investing :)

Donal Dermody writes:
Always enjoy your commentary....

Joe Tucciarone writes:
I always appreciate Charles big picture observations because they put current event into proper historical perspective. This perspective helps us to make better political and investment decisions.

Stan in Canada writes:
Best wishes for the New Year from the middle of Canada. I do look forward, every weekday, to reading your insights into the markets. The decline must be reversed...otherwise we will be looking to a Red flag with five gold stars on it as the new flagship.

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