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Al from Connecticut writes:
Great article Charles. As a Hartford resident we watched Vin Baker play for the University of Hartford. My heart breaks for the young man that signed my sons program 25 years ago. The team visited our grammar school to encourage the youngsters to be good students. I am glad he is able to turn himself around. Some do not get a second chance.

Larry D. writes:
I've been following your shows for a few years... You are a patriot..Thanks for making entertaining and solid remarks about our economy, our country and our nation..Keep it up.. Good Job,Mr.Payne.....
By Larry

Ray B from New York writes:
BINGO!! All you need to write every day..."with the right Gov't policies"....if it isn't fixed there...we're all toast. These Pols take their pay, expenses, bennies and do absolutely NOTHING to solve our problems...I see a Greek type upheaval somewhere in our future IF they don't get off their collective buts, MAKE THE TOUGH DECISIONS AND GROW THIS ECONOMY!!
Mike H writes:
You already know I love you Charles, this just confirms it. Jeb and the bigwigs in the Republican headquaters need to learn this lesson: You can say what you want to say in different words and people will happily swallow it. If Jeb had said the more simple "we need to get more people back to work" no one would have blinked, and they might have cheered. Saying "less unemployment" has the effect of raising hours worked which is doubtless what Jeb meant. (I'm available for paid consultation any time my Grand Old Party wants help with this! And I'm cheaper than Washington consultants too.)
Roger A. writes:
Charles you as always say it as it is with such clarity. This stands out for me, "All citizens have to do in return is to give up all of their Constitutional guaranteed rights and individual ambitions." Not going to happen, insurrection and civil war in a way will occur. Our individual freedoms are embedded in our genes, its why most of our ancestors came to this country and why others are still coming now. Keep up the good words.

Walter in Michigan writes:
Charles- Thank you for the insight from a law and order guy, we need more of this kind of insight.
Kevin from Texas writes:
You're spot on with your comment concerning young Americans need to UNDERSTAND America is the greatest nation on the planet and what it took for us to earn that title. It saddens me to see they would rather go down the easier path of mediocrity than continue the much tougher fight of sustaining the nation's position of greatness. I do appreciate your efforts to educate all folks (young & old) on this matter via your platform.
Joan from Yukon, Oklahoma writes:
When I watched Baltimore I said to my daughter how I wished that Charles Payne and other successful, influential, personalities could reach all these individuals with their stories and genuineness. Now you have made this outstanding gesture! God bless you and your family.
Harold C writes:
That's why we love you Charles tell em how it is work of any kind eventually gets it done. If you don't work, it never gets done.

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