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In Ronald Reagan's first year in office, the federal outlays were $670 billion, this year it will be $3.65 trillion, and next year $3.9 trillion, or more than 200% greater than the rate of inflation. Something has to give as the debt climbs past $17.0 trillion.

What's the answer? If you have any better solutions, please leave a comment.

Cut defense and entitlement evenly
Cut entitlement spending only
Cut defense spending only
Raise taxes even more

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Chickens of the Sea
4/21/2014 - Last Friday, I hurried into the eatery on the ground floor of Fox News, and saw a long line in front of the food area where you place your order. I knew right away that there was a problem. I grabbed a yogurt and a couple bottles of water, and headed to the register. I asked if the main grill guy was out, but the scene ahead answered that. I have watched this short-order chef work magic on the grill morning after morning, not only serving up great hot grub, but also moving food items around... MORE

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Jeff in Missouri writes
Hi Charles
Your the only one keeping me from jumping off a cliff!

I'm watching you on Fox (as I always do) and your keeping your cool so well. You look like there isn't a problem in the world.

Been buying on your dip recommendations and yet it still goes down over the last several ...more

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