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Charles Payne's Market Commentary
Holiday Conundrum
10/31/2014 -

This week, we got mixed messages on the state of mind of the US consumer. Earlier in the week, consumer confidence from the Conference Board was the best in seven years, and while it continues to trail the recovery of the stock market, there seems to be a full wind in its sails.

Then yesterday, third quarter (Q3... MORE

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Recent commentary from Charles
R. I. P. QE3
10/30/2014 6:36:29 AM By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
Are all the Parties Over?
10/29/2014 6:14:49 AM By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
Bias, Slow Shift Higher
10/28/2014 6:25:42 AM By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
Final Straw
10/27/2014 6:33:13 AM By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
The Ultimate Ebola Test
10/24/2014 8:11:47 AM By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst

What is "The Market" Anyway?
Wall Street is not the stock market, it is the physical location of the NYSE, and major brokerage firms where they manage transactions, and should not be confused with long-term investing. The stock market does not always reflect the economy. Markets move on fear, manipulation, and other non-fundame Read more.

Wall Street Strategies' Latest Articles
GDP Stabilizing in Q3
10/31/2014 By Jennifer Coombs
The GDP numbers did little to move the market on Thursday morning, though the first Q3 reading was significantly better than expected. GDP growth decelerated slightly in Q3 after Q2 showed a massive The GDP numbers did little to move the market on Thursday morning, though the first Q3 reading was
Econ Wrap-Up: Consumer Sentiment & Case-Shiller
10/29/2014 By Jennifer Coombs
According to the Case-Shiller 20-City Home Price index, prices have contracted yet again in August for the 4th month straight. The index showed a monthly decline of 0.1% and was well below analyst expectations of a 0.1% gain. Overall, prices declined in 12 of the 20 cities, not much improved from
Econ Wrap-Up: Oil Prices Not Slowing Texas Economy
10/27/2014 By Jennifer Coombs
Although the markets traded in negative territory for the majority of October 27th's session, they certainly aren’t showing the same level of extreme volatility we’ve come to know over the past few weeks. The primary drag across all the indices is the price of crude oil dropping below $80 per barrel

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