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Morning Commentary


By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
7/22/2020 9:17 AM

Investors displayed their angst into the close yesterday. The market which was described by many as irrational, is acting rational ahead of earnings on names that are up substantially. The selling of those big winners pressured the market and pulled the NASDAQ deeper into the red by the closing bell. There was never a sense of panic - just an orderly decline, as money came out of mega winners seeking new homes in underperforming stocks, sectors o the sidelines. 

Market breadth was very bullish with the up volume outpacing the down volume by more than 4:1 ratio. 

Market Breadth









52 Week High



52 Week Low



Up Volume



Down Volume



Rotation: Deep Value Hunting

Yesterday, the winners on the day were the inverse of the 2020 year-to-date performance.

Sector Performance

July 21


Consumer Discretionary XLY



Consumer Staples XLP



Energy XLE



Financials XLF



Industrials XLI



Materials XLB



Real Estate XLRE



Utilities XLU




Oil’s Not Well

Crude oil finished off the highs of the session, but Energy still managed to rally more than 6%. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) needs to get above $42.00 and find a way to challenge $45.00.  Meanwhile, the Energy sector (XLE) is right at the 50-day moving average and poised to challenge the 200-day moving average upon closing above this hurdle. I’m so beaten in oil names that I only like them as trading vehicles right now.

The Ultimate Rotation

It might feel as though investors have been waiting for growth to rotate into value forever, but that’s not true. On the other hand, it’s been decades of waiting for bond money to flow into stocks. We’ll get an update on the latest, as investors continue to pour billions into taxable bonds while taking billions out of stocks.

Trump’s Virus Update

President Trump held a calm and steady briefing on COVID-19 and stated that the virus will probably get worse before it gets better. He was hopeful beyond near-term flare-ups and urged Americans: "When you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask, get a mask. Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact, they'll have an effect and we need everything we can get."

So far this week, we are seeing small but encouraging signs on slowing increases in COVID-19 cases. We are also encouraged that rising deaths are not matching the same degree of increasing cases from the past two weeks.


Portfolio Approach

We only have 5% cash in the Model Portfolio, and I’m eager to put that to work.

Today’s Session

There is saber rattling between US and China, as China has vowed to retaliate if the decision to close the Chinese consulate in HousFor now, let’s not force the issue.

1- democrats....we dont want trump saving our cities...it's racist and he is a racist
2- you can't go to church you may infect someone and kill them

...it's ok if you kill and burn the cities down but you will not be allowed to go to church cuz you may infect someone and kill them

there you have it

prettydirect on 7/22/2020 10:54:51 AM
Spot on Charles. Love your closing remarks and agree with your portfolio allocations and current market behavior. Keep up the great work!.

Kirby Morrison on 7/22/2020 8:43:08 PM

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