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Afternoon Note

The Pause that Refreshes?

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
3/7/2017 1:06 PM
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The market has grinded to a standstill as Washington, D.C. gets knee-deep into the Obamacare disaster, which is proving to be difficult to solve as there are numerous concerns, and that’s just among Republicans (Democrats are not going to support any bill).   Since this is the first major task of the administration, the street anxious to see which niche blinks first.

There isn’t a sense of panic, and this marks day 100 without a 1% or more correction in the market.  It is true a complacent market brings jitters, but I lean more to the notion of not shorting dull markets rather than assuming the worst.   Then, there’s the angst always associated with the week of Jobs reporting. 

The market has come far enough that the Dow could slip to 20,090 and still be in good shape, but its true, investors are eager for action. 

We’ll get it before the week is out.

So encouraging. Thanks Charles! One of the only people I trust. You are the absolute BEST!!!!! Now if we could just drain that swamp! All of them, R & D!! They amass fortunes and then play games. How dare these people. Get things done! Legislate!!!!!

Steve on 3/7/2017 1:20:19 PM
What happens to the market, and what are the chances that the expected tax cut goes sideways? Could be the President spends so much political capital on healthcare reform, or entrenched establishment congressional RINOS water down tax relief. Just saying, political promises have this market out on a ledge and needs to be shored up with actual income gains. How many quarters of flatness can market withstand?

David on 3/7/2017 3:48:53 PM
Charles, thank you for providing insight. Let's hope President Trump keeps on task, as democrats and RINOs try to sway his agenda of improving our nation.

Tim on 3/7/2017 6:35:41 PM

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