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Special Report: Markets Are Soaring

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst

Did you sell for big losses last year? 
You weren't alone. The talking heads and out of control Wall Street algorithms scared lots of investors.

Black Monday All Over Again

I keep looking at the fundamentals while listening to the noise, and after the worst session of the year, told people it was probably a bottom. Here is the report I sent out on December 26, 2018, noting the eerie similarities to October 19, 1987, the worst session in market history.

The market has been up 11.9% since the beginning of 2019, and is performing the best in decades. The parallels from Christmas eve when the market was down 600 point in a half day and Black Monday (October 1987) are amazing, including mistakes made by treasury secretaries. This was the worst single session in the history of the market, and it turned out to be a launching pad for the stock market rally.

Charles Payne predicted this. Click here to hear how.

Buy Low...

Its one thing to not panic but another to have confidence to buy when the experts are telling you to sell. Yes, the first thing we all learn about investing it buy low sell high. But actually buying low is tougher than it seems. Please feel free to get more than my commentary for the next two weeks along with a consultation with one of my representatives.

Let's talk goals, risk tolerance and how to build and manage a portfolio.

Stop letting the talking heads whipsaw your investing and start to take control today.

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